Kilgore move list


ok, now it’s gonna be difficult as ■■■■ to pull of a recapture ultra

I can only imagine how rough the zoning will be in instinct mode…

i dont think he does pd on chip right. And they kinda do piddly damage. I actually have a hard time imagining reasons to exhaust

By the looks of it, an overheated bullet has a small “burnout” effect in which the opponent builds PD for about a second or two. that could lead to some big damage, especially with the PD changes put in just this patch.

I played him in Shadow Lords I believe that to be the case.

Nice, quest chain I assume?

Yeah there’s a 4 part quest that lets you recruit him.


Which Quest?? :confused:

Hot Lead I believe.



Kilgore’s movelist has a lot going on (especially since each move functions differently based on if he’s overheating or not). And his instinct seems deceptively powerful (Best of Both worlds, like Eyedol, or always fired up like Cinder). Full screen PD dealing instant explosions? Damn.