Kilgore mimics?

Do they even exist yet or does he still have yet to appear in SL in mimic form?

I don’t know but I just noticed that Kilgore doesn’t even have a space in my archive. No dossiers or anything.

I have yet to see a Kilgore mimic, though I’ve heard you can possibly get dossier drops from Kilgore shadows in Shadow Lords, I have yet to encounter one.

He does show up in my archive though, he’s just all the way to the right.

That’s how I got all of my (1!) dossiers on Kilgore. No mimics so far. UTech made him so badly that Gargos can’t clone him?


I play SL a lot and have never fought a mimic Kilgore, only shadows. Probably will be added in an upcoming patch.

I have not seen a Kilgore Mimmic, but I have got a Kilgore dossier off a Kilgore Shadow.

Or Gargos doesn’t want to XD

Mimic.exe data not found :confused:

Would anyone at MS or IG be able to respond on this and let us know when Kilgore mimics might be coming? @rukizzel? @developers?

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