Kilgore is a cyborg? (He’s not though)

Edit: I was wrong, Kilgore is not a cyborg. At the time of the original post, I had not unlocked any of Kilgore’s dossiers. After reading some of them, it is pretty clear that he and the other units are supposed to be robots.

Thank you, @FXLizMk, for bringing that up.

I was going by Kilgore’s Xbox Store page description, which does not go into as much detail.

The original post, with its mostly incorrect speculation, is below.

Kilgore’s description on his store page refers to him as a cyborg. He came from a whole line of cyborgs that were made during something called the CCIX program. This is interesting. As we know, Fulgore is basically a robot clone of Eagle, not a cyborg. He’s a full machine with programming modeled after a human’s brain. But Kilgore is actually an organic being? As a cyborg, he must be part organic, or at least have organic origins, otherwise he would be a robot like Fulgore. It’s most likely that Kilgore was a human before, but who knows he might have been a gorilla.

But one specific line of that description is confusing.

“But one cyborg–nicknamed Kilgore–became self aware, and started rewriting his own software to account for his deficiency in hardware. Saved from the scrapheap, this special unit has been brought out of retirement to enforce Aria’s will…and Kilgore obeys.”

So, Kilgore is a nickname? It’s not his real name? (If he even has one.) And it says that Kilgore became self aware. Either Kilgore’s self awareness was taken from him when he became a cyborg, or he never had it to begin with. Then it says he “started rewriting his own software to account for his deficiency in hardware.” So he is run by software, and not a brain? Either his old organic brain was replaced with programming, or he has a brain that is mostly robotic.

And then it says that Kilgore was “saved from the scrapheap.” This is disturbing. So Utratech mass murdered these living cyborgs because they did not function as well as Ultratech wanted? They used to be some type of organic being before this, and they are still alive after they become cyborgs. (Otherwise they would be robots.) But this isn’t that surprising, Ultratech did a lot of evil things besides that.

A very uninteresting possibility is that he’s just a robot, and the word cyborg was used for some reason. If that is the case, the part of his description that I quoted would make total sense without any more explanation. But he and the others were called cyborgs, so it is confirmed that they are not robots.

So what do you people think of this? I really hope we learn of Kilgore’s pre-cyborg backstory, that could be really interesting. Is any of it revealed in his dossiers? I have not unlocked any of them, but if you did, please share the information that they hold.


I think your second to last paragraph is correct. I think the word was just used incorrectly. Fulgore used to be called a cyborg, even though he was a robot with a human brain, which imo dose not count. I think that the word was in-proporley used.

Huh I thought cyborg was a human with robot parts or alternatively a robot with organic human bits still used inside him. Brain included


Yeah that is the technical definition, lol. An otherwise full robot with a human brain is a cyborg. Aria, Fulgore, and Kilgore are just robots.

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Cyborg just means it has human parts, they could slap a liver in there and technically its a “cyborg”.


Is it possible that the brain core has actual brain? I bet they have cloned bits in them. Aria can put artificial intelligence into real brains, thats game plan for Arianna. I’d imagine that Fulgore and Kilgore has real brains with Eagles thought patterns written into them.

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I’m betting its a brain, half-skull and a spinal column, all attached to the robot bits via the nervous system.

This. I wouldn’t be surprised if fulgore had a slightly modified but still organic cardiovascular system. Like veins and stuff bringing energy, or oil or nutrients or more likely coolant for the nuclear reactor in his chest or something.

Being human is not a requirement. Riptor is a cyborg, but she is not a human.

But it is true that you only need a minimal amount of organic parts to be considered a cyborg.

Also the word cyborg is usually referring to something that was organic to begin with. Making a robot and putting organic lungs inside of it is not considered a cyborg.

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He did becomd self aware yeah but he shows no mercy when he fights back Fulgore did this against Thunder but if Kilgore has some human parts then he is a cyborg.

That’s splitting hairs, I’m sure the developers would argue otherwise if it suited their creations.

But yeah, most definitions of Cyborg are a human with robot parts creating a hybrid, not an animal. Honestly though science fiction terms like that are a lot broader than you’d think. They are whatever the devs say they are, they could make a potato and stick a mechanical pencil in it and then call it a cyborg if they wanted.

I’m not completely certain about this, but IIRC in the original games Fulgore was never mentioned to be a Cyborg, just a robot. It was only in the comic that it turned out the prototype Fulgore was actually a cyborg Eagle.
In the new KI I also don’t recall them ever using the term cyborg to refer to Fulgore. The novella said the “Eagle” part was an AI copy of Eagle’s nural net, similar to how in Halo Cortana is an AI copy of Dr Halsey’s brain (speaking in loose terms here, I know in Cortana’s case there’s a bit more).
So yeah, Fulgore is all bot.
Now Kilgore… * shrug* I guess he’s a cyborg.

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It would be soo cute if Kilgore had enough human in him to actually rewrite his software and swear loyalty to aria due to some how falling in love with her. lol I could see him following behind her like a little lovesick puppy. Even despite the fact it was no doubt she that gave the order that almost sent him to the scrap heap.

Idk how he would know about her but maybe it was when he was human( given the “cyborg” name tag)?? Or something kooky like that.

Cyborg is a shortened version of Cybernetic Organism. Not cybernetic Human. It’s not Cybhum. People who define it as “cybernetic human” are incorrect. One can still say cyborg when they are talking about a cybernetic human, but those are not the only kind.

So, if you apply that way of thinking to something else, any living thing that gets hit with Fulgore’s throw are cyborgs because they have a robotic thing stuck in them.

You can call anything whatever you want to. That has nothing to do with whether it is true or not.

The term cyborg is not exclusive to sci-fi. Even though cyborgs are most commonly seen in science fiction, it is a real term for something that can (and does) actually exist. Even though right now the technology is nowhere near where it usually is in science fiction.

Alright then, not looking to get dragged into an argument but you know what I meant.

Continue with the nit-picking.

To me now Kilgore looks AND acts/behaves more like a robot rather than a (true) cyborg at least from my perspective, that is :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you just created the next generic discriminated group in the next generic YA Sci-Fi novel.

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Surely the UA-CCIX unit contains no human parts in its composition. Perhaps the term “cyborg” may have been used to replace the term “robot” in the description of both.
According to his own story, the UA-CCIX unit, or Kilgore as it was called by its creator team, was the only machine saved from being dismantled, as it gained autonomy and was able to correct the problem of overheating its body and weapons, which caused other machines of his lineage to explode on their own.
His “failure” was also mentioned in one of the Shadow Lords files, where his creator dies after being shot by Kilgore overheating. Aria dismantled all other units, except this one, for the defects of the overheating.
Nor do the present Fulgores escape, for they are made to be “tested, destroyed, and perfected according to necessity.”
Kilgore has been disabled for years maybe for two reasons: It could rewrite its software, which could bring threats to Aria itself, as well as the new product created by Building C scientists, copying the original Kilgore design and incorporating some improvements and a new look. According to the narration of one of the creators of the UA-CCIX, it was with great regret the disconnection of their creation, and also makes clear the indignation of the use of the project of the team by other people, and in the use for the creation of a new machine.


Good Morning!
The Shadow Lords files are very interesting and well detailed about each character.
I’m with 104%, and looking for the final files that I’m missing, however, other passages should be mentioned: Aria’s expanded story mentions, in days, the whole passage of Ultratech since its inception. In it, it is mentioned when the first Fulgore Unit was created. Kilgore also appears in chapter 5 of the KI novella.
He was standing near the room where Eagle was trapped.
In the Fulgore archives, a passage about his creation is also mentioned. Files from Ultratech Labs also report details about other machines, which is confirmed in Chapter 5 of the novel, where Aria goes through some creations of a “C” drive to insert its system.
In Kilgore’s archives, there is the excitement of the team that created it, and it mentions its creator, not to mention his name, just a numbering of the company’s employee registry. He also talks about the ballistic test, to test the aim of the UA-CCIX unit (Ultratech did not accept the name Kilgore), and about the failure that ended up killing its creator. It also speaks of the defects of these units, which were manufactured in a certain quantity, and the dismantling of them. It talks about Aria’s fear of their creation, and the team’s insistence on sparing the unit they created, as well as turning off the unit and using their design on a new one by another team.
During Tusk’s challenges, we know that Aria put Kilgore as his challenger, and then she delivered the unit to Tusk to assist him with an instruction manual, and that’s all we know of him.
The story of Kilgore is very attractive, just missing a trailer of it, which could appear in the shadow lords. Of all the characters, he was the only one who did not have a video presentation, which I find very unfair, because of the origin of the character and the horror scene present in his challenge in Shadow Lords mode.
Who knows the creators of the game can add some cutscenes of it in the files of the game, reporting some passage of its history, or putting more details and a good occupation of him in a new game.

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I have not unlocked all of the dossiers yet, so thank you for sharing that information. (^_^)

The game has been confirmed to no longer have any new content coming, so any cutscenes or trailers will not happen unfortunately.

I would be interested in more story related material, like the blog posts or novella or something… but something like that does not seem very likely right now.

Who knows what the future will hold…

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