Kilgore is a cyborg? (He’s not though)

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The story of KI continued in the HQs, featuring the Tsar and also speaking of a little more of the world after the defeat of the Gargos.
The chapters of the KI novel, although some time has passed, are still interesting, because it tells a bit about characters like Tusk and Kim Wu, also talks a little more about Ultratech, and how the “Alliance” was formed. These facts are not narrated in the archives of Shadow Lords, and it helps to understand what occurred before the opening of the portals in the world.
For those who would like to understand the whole story of the game, it is a must read. I’ll get one of the links and post it here. With it you can look for others, as it has 6 chapters, and all are excellent reading.

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This access link has included the other chapters. Because it is a more specific subject (and for me the best chapter), I send you the chapter that talks a little more about the company, and how someone got rid of it.
Good reading! :slight_smile: