Kilgore Gameplay (Video Added!)

Okay guys, Kilgore is a thing. Let’s try and think up what he can do so based on what we know so far:

-He has chainguns instead of hands. Obviously he’s going to use gunplay of some sort. I think the Shadow Lords dossier hinted at him having rockets as well. (Correction: high caliber artillery)

-The dossier (UAT Robotics Lab 3) hints at a highly unstable combustion engine that may have been prone to overheating. How will this effect gameplay?

-In the reveal, we see that he can become a Rocket Powered Blanka Ball, either as a special move or as a jump.

-He’s a primitive prototype of the Fulgore design. Perhaps he’ll have elements of the final version?


Edit: Gameplay footage found!


I need to see more before I can judge him. But I am already very skeptical… he’s another clone character. I did not expect to see a Fulgore clone though, and he does seem to have a different moveset, so that’s something at least.

He reminds me ALOT about Bastion from Overwatch though, appearance wise. Like, if Fulgore and Bastion had a baby, it would be Kilgore.

Also, that name… though kinda clever and punny, it’s also so basic and uninspired.
So far, not a fan, but I reserve my right to change my mind once I’ve seen more.

You speedy b*****d. I just was just about to make a similar thread.

Anyways I feel like killgore will be a projectile rushdown character given the guns he’s packing on his arms for the zoning and the blanka move for the rushdown.

I just hope he’s not one of those characters that you can just sit in the back of the corner and spam bullets. I HATE that.

Just from the small tease we got, I can see he has some of the same punch normals as Fulgore.

EDIT: Didn’t mean to reply to that post.


Hehe, is alright. :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, clone character…

The overheating/combustion thing has me a bit concerned, like he might have some sort of handicap like Mira (and Eyedol if you consider random switching a handicap) lol

I’m curious to see how they do it. The idea of Bastion being an influence is certainly interesting. Will he be locked down when he uses those chain guns? Perhaps his instinct will turn him into a mobile death tank, capable of scooting around and locking on for long bursts of sustained fire, kind alike Bastion’s Ult mixed with Doomguy.

I have a feeling that instability and overheating will play a part in his gameplay. Gotta find a way to limit his guns somehow (like Arby).
@Blade4693 the question is what will the overheating do? I’m guessing it either prevents him from firing temporarily, leaving him open , or (less likely) does damage to him


I think if he should overuse his ranged weapons he’d malfunction kind of like in his intro and be stunned for a while.

Every body calm down I highly doubt he is a clone we already seen a unique move. Sharing normals doesn’t mean that much because maya and Mira both have some of the same normals and a ender

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Yeah i highly doubt he’ll be a clone character, IG has done a great job avoiding those with Shago/Jago and Mira/Maya.

I’d like to think of him as a reverse Fulgore. Fulgore benefits from being on the offense right? With the option to zone. He doesn’t lose anything if he zones though. He just gets rewarded if he rushdowns. His zoning is strong but his rushdown is nasty. Now with Kilgore, it is the opposite. He wants to zone instead of rushing in. Kilgore is punished for offense and doesn’t gain anything when zoning. His zoning is good and rushdown is trash

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It might be early, but I also notice that Killgore has normal shadow meter. So he won’t have any pip system like Fulgore does. I would think that if over heating is a thing that he does normally,. maybe there is a coolant system that can activate while he’s in instinct that keeps him from over heating. So much like Fulgore when his reactor is activated, the coolant system (theory) would allow Killgore to do what he does better with no restrictions. I do think He’ll have other normals simular to Fulgore and I think that Shago/Jago will be a closer match to the normals than Mira/Maya will be. I think for a throw Killgore will do the Fulgore head butt followed by a short gun burst for forward throw, and then maybe hell do a similar back throw to Fulgore but use both arms, take the opponent and over head spike them behind. just a theory.

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Well shago and jago are pretty close knit together. Only real difference between them is a little bit different visuals, and most of their specials (fireballs are still the same animation). Most of their normals are the same as most of their neutral animations.

Omen kinda shares this too but only with a few normals.

But there’s actual story behind it (at least for shago).

Mira and maya…well they are sisters so having a similar fighting style (but different) kinda makes sense that and they were both in the night guard so yeah.

Killgore…probably going to pull something similar to omen where he has some of fulgores normals, some animations but everything I reckon should be different.

Then there’s playstyles. Which all have been different. i found this


he is awesome. he is a tank. welcome brother.

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He look awesome, but… Kilgore can’t teleport? I wonder why do he have that move. :confused:

he probably cant teleport while overheating

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WOW! That was awesome! My son is super hyped! He is like “Thats gonna be my new character!”

QHy does he explode when he teleports? I dont understand whats happening there…and the shadow cancel thing at the end of the 2nd video? Wow, so much to find out!