Kilgore comes in 36 hours. How do we get him?

Really less than 2 days away and we still haven’t heard how we unlock him? Do we have to pay for him? Earn him in Shadow Lords? What?

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I’m pretty curious to and just in case I saved up some money to get him.

No clue.

Maybe we’ll be shocked and he’ll just unlock for all without having to do anything. I can dream!


That would be great. But just in case I redeemed some GameStop Reward points for some Xbox currency. I had forgotten how much I had saved up.


At least $5.


He’ll probably just go on sale. A few people were able to buy him early due to a bug, though for one he was $5 and for another $7.

4.99 for a clone character with no arena or retro is high. Maybe we can have some KI Gold too??? :wink:


4.99 really isn’t too bad… I mean yeah he uses some of the same animations as fulgore… but look at omen and shago… the later costing 10$

Yep, it’s too much.


You can test him in the shadow lords mode during a quest, but i don’t know which anymore, just do the quest’s and you will see. It’s something about a old factory.

Quest is called hot lead

I think $5 for a character is a reasonable price. $10, though? Not so much…

Retro costumes don’t come with other $5 characters, so that’s not really a valid argument on the price.

Oh really? I thought they did. My bad.

No worries, the costumes have always been separate if you buy the characters by themselves.

And the costumes individually cost $5 too.

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He’d better not cost more than $5, as a “remix” he should probably cost a little less than a full character.


maybe they’ll announce season 4 and Kilgore is the first char