Kilgore Colors/Customization!

I’ve got it. I’ve figured out his Retro outfit:
Fulgore’s KI2 Ultimate

Make him look a little beefier, give him the cylon style eye, and voilá!

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I just fought Kilgore in shadow lords and he had accessories on. Blue armour with a different robot head and bulky arms.

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Got any clips? Would love to see!

We don’t have clip yet. But you can look this pictures.

oh my god he really is derp bot :joy_cat:


I’m almost entirely sure that Kilgore’s color 2 is a reference to the X-O-Manowar comics. Would Love if a dev could confirm. For those who don’t know X-O Manowar is a fantastic series from Valiant comics, def recommend.


Nice! In addition to everyone saying the head looks like Bastion, I’ve also wondered if he looks like the security droids or Geth from the Mass Effect series.

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Fun fact, guys!
If you play as Kilgore in Shadow Lords, you can start unlocking colors and Player Card stuff like Taunts
Have fun with that :wink:

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Yeah I already have him at lvl 10 about to turn that to 15 when I get back from work lol


You know what’s be really rad? If one of Kilgore’s accessory sets/his retro outfit took inspiration from ol’ Wolfenstein-3D’s Mecha Hitler.

Obviously any reference to the 3rd Reich and Hitler himself would need to be scrubbed out (kinda like I’m the German port of the game). Perhaps a skull floating in a jar and some Ultratech symbols thrown on.

But a great big bulky outfit with quad chainguns? Sign me up!

I think cowboy accessories would look great on Kilgore. Especially the hat.


I can see it now…
“This town ain’t big 'nuff fer the teoo of us, partner. Fweep boop.“
Oh, then um… Go away?
”…Okie Dokie! [^-^]/~ See ya!”

Also, I’d like to throw this out:
#I would KILL for some Motörhead related accessories for Kilgore.

I can only hope at this point, I know, but seeing my idol -the most Metal human of all time- get tribute paid in my favorite fighting game? I’d be happy with literally anything that happens after that.


Teddybear costume

Gun head and legs

Giant Eyeball, blue flames

Just bought Kilgore he is 9.99 and come with 4 customization options. Like his color options just wish he had more customization options in terms of the style

I really need Megatron color 6, Bumblebee color 4 and Optimus prime color 5. Samus color 3 is awesome too.

What are the other colors?

Color 8 is Shockwave!

Oh ■■■■! That’s crazy. Of course it is.

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I just realized
Color 6 is Bastion from Overwatch
And Color 7 is… GIR!

Or it’s Galvatron?