KI4 Getting Announced at E3 2019, Release in 2020 before EVO?


Most people are always skeptical of somthing until it actually happens, as they have every right to be; just like when people thought I was crazy when I said the game was coming to PC.

I’ll guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens a month from now in June if my hunch is correct or not.



As I’ve mentioned to Larry before, Microsoft isn’t done with Ki. I have that on good authority.( I knew about this Ki about a year and a half prior to its launch and the s3 roster before most due to the same authority). Whether they announce something at e3 who knows. Itd make sense that they to another however. Game was a critical success and it would frequently have more players than Microsoft’s bigger titles at one point by a large margin. Far as who’s developing it who knows. I know keits was reluctant to do another fighter. Not sure about the rest of ig. And Amazon seems to have all but dissolved double helix. So my guess would be ninja theory since Microsoft has contracted them to work on multiple projects eventually and they actually do have experience with a fighter somewhat as their first game developed was a power stone style fighter. Ninja theory is also definitely creative enough to handle something like ki and proved they can make a hit game on a small budget.


It better NOT be an Epic Store exclusive :sweat_smile:


Eh. I’m actually a pretty decent fan of Ninja Theory, but I dunno that I like their style for KI from an art perspective. People always say KI looks dated or “bad”, but I actually still really love the general character and art direction. I think KI has great environments and did monster characters better than any modern FG, and I don’t even think it’s close. That’s always one of my fears when I hear people talk about using Unreal. It’s a versatile engine so I know it can do non people-shaped things, but I just don’t think any Unreal based FG’s really do monster characters particularly well. :confused:

On the gameplay front I’d raise an eyebrow (heck, maybe both) if Ninja Theory was developing it, but my experience with both Double Helix and Iron Galaxy has given me a “wait and see” mentality overall. I kind of have my doubts, but hey, I’d never even heard of either of the other studios before KI, so who am I to judge? :man_shrugging:t5:

Nah, it’d be a Win10 exclusive :smirk:


I was making a joke about the exclusive. :smile:


As was I :slight_smile:


Setting aside, at least for a moment, whether or not I’m being too harsh, I certainly don’t think it’s a crazy idea to say that MS could be working on a new KI. But that’s a far cry from saying they ARE working on a new KI, that it will be announced at E3 for the next gen console and released before Evo 2020 (when that next gen console won’t even be out).

There’s a “Nostradamus” effect where if you make a bunch of predictions people tend to remember the one that plays out rather than the dozens that don’t. The internet has figured this out and so you get rampant speculation on all kinds of stuff that tend to make people go nuts. Back on the subject of whether or not I’m being charitable, I don’t recall LCD “predicting” that KI would come to PC so much as lobbying that KI needed to come to PC in order to “save” the game. But here he is, back in here saying “I told you so.” I’m willing to bet two years from now, when a new KI is announced for Scarlett, on the frostbite engine, for release in 2023 he will similarly be saying “I told you so.”

Its possible I’m just an old ■■■■, but I would be thrilled to have a discussion about what people hope for, or think might happen for a new KI. But this whole thread is just clickbait. I don’t know why you post clickbait if it’s not to seek attention.


The game still holds up pretty nicely in my opinion, sure it looks a tad “dated” in 2019 but that’s to be expected for a game released over 5 years ago. KI has been notorious for setting the standard for graphics so I except it to be on par with MK11 or better for the sequel.


Yeah lets waste time making a click bait title for all of the 10 people that still visit this forum…makes sense and worth the time investment. heavy sarcasm

Please be real with yourself for a second, you have consistently had some kind of argumentative comment on many of the posts I’ve made on these forums for years now whether it was very positive constructive thread, negative one, or just a funny one; point being you always have something to say in the negative connotation against me. It’s okay if you don’t like me, but just say that instead of always trying to come up with some kind of reasoning to write off everything I write about or choose to discuss.

Remember our arguments over female attire in video games, or how about when you gave me crap for trying to suggest to MS to do a QnA for the community…the list goes on and on. I made a speculation thread (on a public forum which the entire point is to discuss things) and of course the first thing that comes to mind is hmmm LCD must want to garner some attention for a game hardly anyone plays or talks about anymore…

Like for goodness sake dude don’t you think If I wanted attention I’d be looking for it in other places?
I don’t even really stream anymore :joy::joy:

IDK, maybe have a fun discussion about the future of the franchise? :joy:


Man I do…and I still want to see swim wear alt costumes for all the monster characters. The idea of Kan-ra in swim shorts, or Sabrewulf in a 1900’s bathing suit is still hilariously absurd, and it needs to be a real thing.


If Microsoft does have something in the oven regarding KI4, E3 would be the perfect time to make an announcement or presentation. Especially in light of MK 11 getting mixed reviews. Gamers are feeling let down a bit and need a good fighter to meet their jones.


I need Kan-Ra in banana hammock.


Nah, save the hammock for Eyedol.


Yeah E3 would be the perfect time and place, especially this year when MS has the show all to themselves. People are worrying about the future of E3, so holding off until next year might not be the absolute best idea. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t E3 itself in a bit of a financial pit? With Sony pulling out, I tend to wonder how many years E3 will be around after this one.

But in the meantime, this June could potentially present the perfect storm for MS in terms of media attention, the news cycle, the lack of competition, etc.

I’m not saying they have to lay ALL of their cards on the table. I’m sure they’ll likely want to leave the price point and maybe even the specs out, since you just know Sony will want to come in and undercut them as they’ve done with both Sega with the PS1 and MS with the PS4 in the past.

But this might be the best possible time to introduce Scarlet (and it’s real name) along with several titles that are being worked on by all of those developers you purchased as well as other studios that you’ve brokered exclusive deals with and perhaps even purchased.

It’d be great if MS came out of the gate strong in this E3 and could really get the hype train rolling on Scarlet and the many games it’ll have. Give people a good year and a half of info on tons of games through tons of genres.

That, to me, is where KI fits in nicely. It was a moderately successful exclusive in a niche genre, but above all, it was a well reviewed, high quality exclusive experience and lets be honest, the Xbox One didn’t really have a lot of those, especially outside of Halo, Gears and Forza. Ori is really the only other one that comes to mind that MS could get more sequels for, as they’ve already said no to Sunset Overdrive 2 and Dead Rising still belongs to Capcom.

So yeah, why not try and make more inroads in to the FGC by showing off some insanely good, next gen caliber graphics on top of KI’s awesome gameplay? Sure, it’d be great if they also announced a few other FG exclusives, but at least get the ball rolling. I’d love to see that.

Also, welcome to the board, @HookerJay!

Well, it IS a clickbait title, no? If you didn’t write that and you read it, wouldn’t your first thought be that a definitive statement like “KI4 Getting Announced at E3 2019, Relaase in 2020 before EVO” was just what it says it is? That’s what I thought for a second, so yeah, it wasn’t really necessary and kind of annoying, but whatever. No big deal.

Aww man, I’d love to know who your inside source is! Either way, this is great to hear and I certainly hope you’re right. I wasn’t aware of how well it did in terms of players, but if that’s the case, then it seems even more likely they’d want to at least give it another shot and see what else they can do with KI.

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Next time I’ll remember to put question marks at the end of the title :joy::joy:


Yeah Microsoft claimed during its high point, probably s2- mid s3 the number of players on Ki would dwarf most other games on the console. Besides it makes sense to make another one given the direction they seem to be going. They seem to want every genre represented. They have a successful fighter that they didn’t have to put a large investment into.

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I got excited for a second when I read the title before reading the post itself.

I wonder if you actually spoiled the surprise for the rest of us now if its indeed getting teased at E3 this year. :rofl:


When a new game is announced, I’m actually a little anxious about what it will look like compared to the game we have now. I hope they don’t go to big lengths to simplify or slow down the game like some other FGs have tried in the past decade or so.

KI2013 is already itself a fairly streamlined and exceptionally casual-friendly game, but they did it right and it’s hard to imagine going much further in that direction without stepping on what makes the systems of the current game so compelling.


MS should not forget to release it on all consoles, PS4, switch, steam, xbox on day 1 with full support

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Switch isn’t out of the realm of possibility especially after cuphead launching on the system. Unfortunately sony isn’t as friendly as Nintendo so good luck getting ki on PlayStation.