KI2 Orchid 3D renders by ZabZarock (not mine!)

I found these on deviantart, and this is probably the coolest looking fan-rendition of Orchid I’ve ever seen, made by the artist ZabZarock, and thought I would share with you guys:

Love the style, love that he didn’t make her hypersexual, which many seem to do with Orchid, the texture work and hair is really well done.

My only complaint is that she looks so pale. She’s always had a tan in the games, but I see alot of people make her seem very Caucasian. This isn’t a question about race though, that’s not what I’m trying to do. Simply just that she usually has that caramel skin colour.

Otherwise, this is simply perfect. <3

You can see these and more on his deviantart gallery here:


That’s not hyper-sexual to you!? I’m curious about what you think is…

Hypersexual to me is when they make the curves ridiculously exaggerated, like skinny waist, huge breasts and hips/thighs. This, though she does have large breasts, is more realistic, as well as her overall frame.

KI2 Orchid is still indeed sexualized, as is she in this depiction, but not to such an extend that it just looks ridiculously unrealistic. I could show you some examples, but not sure it would be appropriate for this forum.

PM me then…

Everything looks great except the face is a lil creepy. But overall amazingly done. The skin tone on her butt looks so real! Blown away!

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Wow this looks ■■■■■■■ amazing… Now we just need someone to mod it into the game

Is that hisako?

Fighting stance:


If orchid was a season 2/3 release we’d see a version closer to this. I love how they posed her in the Offical KI 2 Orchid images.

I’m not a fan of the hair but this cgi model looks awesome

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What about the hair is it you don’t like? Is it because it looks so feathery? Is it the haircut?

No the angled Bob is orchid signature style.

It is the miniscule retro Gen hair. Looks like the 1999 edition of a cgi Maya (software, not the ki character …)development kit. Literally like a thin photoshop brush. mI always turned off by lack of attention to the hair details when the outfit details such as the mesh on this one is superb…

Yes, in her original KI appearance. But in KI2 it was alot more wavy and messy looking.

Also, found out why the thread didn’t show… I had accidentally muted the thread. -.- Just meant to put it on Normal. XD

You also couldn’t see the background through the hair lol strong text**

Oh well it’s not like she will be what everyone agrees on.
I’m ready for more hot females

Well, that’s usually because hair is comprised of several strands of hair and not one singular hard material.

Is it? Wow I never thouhgt of that!!! Lol



Damn she has some big cheekbones.

why is this skin not in the game?! are the devs slacking ?

They are not.

I JUST NOW NOTICED her tonfas are on the ground underneath the car!!!