KI World Cup roll call

Looks as now I will officially be attending the KI World Cup at the end of this month in Texas! Super excited to see some old friends as well as some new faces too!

Just wanted to see who else from the Forums will be attending as well!


I would love to go and spectate but that’s not going to happen, good luck to anyone who does go. I’ll be watching from the safety of my home.

I’m Trying To Be There…Just Got So Much To Do In So Little Time.

is it offered for other people to just watch?

Was planning on going but then I realized it’s in Texas. I spent all last year thinking it was going to be in Canada for some reason. That white blueish background on the banner made me think of snow which made me think up north.

I can’t afford to travel, so unless it’s in the state of Florida, don’t count on me ever going to a tournament (which is a shame, as I’d love to attend). Just know that I’ll be there in spirit, supporting you and everyone else that attends every step of the way. :wink:

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id love to come! but Londons a long long way :smiley:
and id need know know i was def getting a riptor pin!


So we’ll see you at CEO 2016 then, Galactic?

Yes, I’ll be at KI Cup maybe with some goodies.

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I wish !!! It’s a lot of pennys from the UK, which unfortunately I don’t have. Maybe next year if I have the money.

Well, that depends - when is it?

June 24th to 26th, Orlando.

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Ah, it’s during the summer - nice (especially since I’m a teacher)! However, the only real question would be cost and other expenses - will I have enough saved up to make the trip and back? I guess we’ll have to wait and see… Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

Man I wish I could go to one of these! I have to start saving and planning so I can atleast make it to one in my life time.
Im 4 hours away from Dallas TX and 4 hours away from New Orleans. Anywhere else is pretty much out of the question.
Houston is a possibility… KI CUP is in San Antonio?

Florida is such a horrible place to be a fighting game fan, Lol! I’m in North Florida, and I swear I’m the only one in my town who even likes fighting games. Lol!

I’ll be there! CEO is my Evo, Lol! Last year’s CEO was pretty hype, and this year I’m sure Jebailey and team will put on an equal if not better showing.

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Really? I live in North Central Florida - where the Gators reside, to be specific. :slight_smile:

Same here…no one around that even speaks KI nuch less play it! I want o go to CEo so bad!

Im going to look in to it and see about going for vacation!

I’m in Seminole country. “Where the Gators reside”? You should be right in the neighborhood for CEO.

Not really - Orlando’s probably a good 3 hour drive away. That means it’s a 6-hour round trip, meaning I’d either need to be available the entire day or stay the night…

True, true. Lol! I forget that even when you are in the middle of the state, you still can be pretty far from everything else.

I’m about 4 hours away, so last year I stayed there both Saturday and Sunday. It was a grueling trip back 'cause I hopped on the road right after the USF4 finals. I sat for like 8 hours of GF gameplay in the ballroom on Sunday, then another 4 hours on the road. I hated my trip back because of it, but it was a fun weekend none the less.

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I’m in Central Florida. I’m hoping to participate in the Cup next year. A lot of training before I should even think about it.