KI unable to sign into XBox Live account. Unable to play online

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Hi everyone, thanks for the heads up on this and wanted to confirm we are investigating what is happening with this + the fact DLC is not loading for some people so characters are greyed out (me too!).

We will report back on when we have a fix, this looks to maybe be a longer one but we get it figured out!

No, is just syncing problem, no cync to Xbox Live nothing you have, this is the error: 0x87DD0005

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I have all my characters unlocked and the skins too

So is it ALL working for you now?, connects to Live and no DLC timeout?. What platform are you using?

I can not

I have the supreme edition on a W10 PC from the Windows Store. I don’t know if this is relevant, but a while ago a bunch of us were having issues seeing Killgore, Shin Hisako and Eagle, it would say we owned them but they were grayed out. It is a time when @snickerdoodle helped us providing a code. That code fixed the issue then, I don’t know if the current issues we are having are related to the way that issues was fixed. Thought I’d mentioned it, maybe it leads to a solution.

If the game works on STEAM do we have to buy the game again to play on there?

Has there been any updates to this? Been itchin to play since Combo Breaker!

I can’t do online and it says some dlc is temporarily unavailable but it let me play with all the characters in single player I’m on xbox one

In W10 Store version, if KI can’t talk to Live, I simply don’t own the game. It only shows the free version options. Given the current communication problem between KI and Xbox Live, I don’t have KI, plain and simple.

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Over on the KI Discord, some XBox users are reporting success, but I still am having problems on Windows 10.

Still cant sign on or download any characters :(. Just wanted to play this game on my new pc…

I hope they fix the problem soon, because like the others I can not access the game in Windows 10

I too am suffering this.

On my Windows 10 PC at home I can’t sign in at all.

On the XBO at my office, I can sign-in but my season 3 characters are marked as unpurchased!!!

We are all just waiting for a fix at this point, either way the “unpurchased notice” is probably just an error.

too many days w/o solution :rage:

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Thank you very much, I can sign into XBox Live account (Win 10), but there was a problem - “Refreshing your DLC is taking longer than expected. We recommend you continue to wait until the process is completed.”

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That’s an old issue. Just hit ‘B’ to skip there. One of the developers has said he’ll be looking at that next

Yes, Is working!