KI unable to sign into XBox Live account. Unable to play online

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Other people were reporting this issue on the KI Discord yesterday, and I shut my PC down last night and rebooted this morning to encounter the same issue.

It gives error 0x87DD0005, saying it cannot sign into my XBox Live account. However, I can sign into the XBox app just fine. Other people are reporting they can play other games, and this issue is unique to KI. Though I am on Windows 10, some of the people reporting the issue are using the XBox.

@KRAKENJIMMY or other devs, please help! Some server probably just needs a reboot.

Thanks in advance for your help.


its the same for me…
I cant play in the pc


Same for me as of this morning. XBOX Live on PC won’t log in when KI starts. Jago only, no saves, no data, empty game. I’ve been having the xbox live timeout for about a month before this as well, the one that doesn’t affect the gameplay.


Same here


same problem 25.05.19


Same problem here. Win10 says unable to sign in. No issues on Steam version.


Guess what:

First DLC timeouts, now this. If you want us consider touching your future games Iron Galaxy and MS, please get the DLC time out and this new issue sorted out as soon as possible.




I tweeted James Goddard (aka KRAKENJIMMY), in case he sees it faster there


Same for me


Same problem, Win10 from Chile.


Também não consigo


Same problem 25.05.19

What is going on to this game?? i recently last week finally fix the problem of Definitive Edition not working (sunday at night, couldn’t play after a year with this issue) and today i was excited im gonna play, but, nice a new surprise, is it impossible to play this game??


The Killer Instinct Twitter tweeted out that they are aware of the issue and trying to figure it out. Help is on the way!


No idea what you people are talking about- I just logged in and unlocked a brand-new achievement in Killer Instinct earlier today:



Information from official Twitter here


Offline works there for you can get achievements and xp for characters and yourself but shadow lords any MP dont work and you can’t save or do anything in the shadow labs


Offline but, if you can not sync to your account, then you have nothing, so, there is no characters for you, nothing just Jago as the Free one.

That is my case


I’m on a Pc using Windows 10 and am having the same issues. Keep getting told that I cant log into Xbox Live but my Xbox app is logged in.

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Do you have to buy the game again?