KI SNES Expert Matches KIT

I wish new KI was fast like this but they wanted to go the street fighter way and everything more slow but enjoy


perhaps they’ll learn again someday…

The more i watch this the more i wish this new game to be just a remaster of the first KI.

Seriously? You guys want 75% or more from one touch?
That would ruin ranked.
More time in a battle means you get more time to adapt to the PLAYER you are fighting. Quick matches means that who ever has the “favored” CHARACTER can just throw out a few moves and the match is over. In the best case scenario, you may have 1 strategy change per game. and then the other person looses just as quick. With the current pace of KI, Tournament matches and Killer vs Killer games see CRAZY amounts of mix-ups, strategy changes, and reads. While on the other hand, HARD READS like counter breakers will still be devastating and do lots of damage. Quick pacing is only good for pro players, who know all of the possibilities and are constantly considering mind games over everything else. For anyone else, the game becomes “throw out the best moves for the character, and hope the opponent doesn’t luckily do a move that counters it.” (which is basically how GOLD tier works in the current ranking system.)

KI does NOT need a change in pace.


I loved the old ki but it not a patch on the new ones.
Vastly OP characters and going by the tj cinder match dead slow.

Awesome matches, but I like the game as it is now. Taking all the shenanigans a lot of the characters can do into account, if you turn up the speed to how it was in the classic days now hardly anybody will know what the heck is going on. Also it may turn off some casual and new players due to the huge skill level needed to pull off said shenanigans and still concentrate on the match (all at high speed). I think it wasn’t that big of a deal in the classic days since all the characters were very simplified and straightforward, but today that might be and issue.

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Sorry but it does I’m sick of scrubs being able to guess break all my hard read sorry it’s just the way it goes they could of made it fast paced like Ki1 with the Ki2 combo mechanics 3 autos into punches kicks into linkers it’s the same thing I don’t know what ur ranting about but this KI is the slowest it’s ever been and that’s that will it change anything? No it won’t

I dont know how else to say this, but honestly, the solution to your problem is to get better at the game. If you cant counter break scrubs, then you dont deserve the win. If you try to counter break them, but they dont fall for it, then they are clearly better than you, and deserve more credit than you are giving them. In KILLER tier, matches are Best-Of-3, so you will have EVEN MORE time to figure out their pattern of breaking. And Again, if they change their pattern, then they obviously aren’t scrubs.

thats not how it works do u know anything about spacing, neutral,or punishments? i highly doubt you do breaking is random as hell u just said if i try to counter break and he doesnt fall for it hes better then me? dude please play me in a real fighting game i would have u blocking for your life with no way to guess break out of it. Dont ever compare my skill in neutral to a guess breaking scrub and say there better then me as a player clearly ur logic is backwards as hell, im guessing ki is your first fighting game. Anyone will tell you s2 is the most forgiving game in the fgc right now where smart spacing in netrual and raw reads mean nothing

“Raw reads” are EXACTLY the same as breaking and counter breaking. You can make a “read” and think that your opponent will make a mistake, but if they dont, and your “read” was wrong, then you will be punished.
If you were a good player, and you made better reads on people, you would be getting counter breakers all the time. But you clearly arent getting counter breakers, so obviously you arent making reads, which means you are probably a bad player.

not exacly dude stop making a fool of yourself ive seen players like rebelo guess break on frame 1 successfully thats not a read its called random, it CAN be a read sometimes but its dumb to be able to successfully guess break randomly on occasion and it works in the bad players favor because the better player with actual high level skill is pissed now. theres no gap in between the 2 its who can guess after getting out smarted to braindead there way back into the fight. stop saying failed guesses make u a bad player about 90% of ranked leagues are bad players

if you guess, you only have a 33% chance of being right. so for everytime a combo is broken by a guess, there are 2 attempts that were not correct, and lead to a full combo doing almost 50%.

there are times i literally change up every strength i use and the person guesses right somehow even on frame 1 then when i try to guess oh i get locked out though


dont guess, and punish the opponent for guessing.

the moment i do counter break it says lockout but i get no punish its like the game doesnt realise i just caught my opponent guessing and give him a second chance

then you did it too late.

Sorry, but I’m going to have to agree with the brony; it’s clear that you’re frustrated and don’t quite understand (or even care) what he’s getting at - he IS right, @siCK_DEM0NS. It seems you’re too afraid to admit to it, though, as you like to resort (quite sadly, I might add) to insults and challenges - neither of which would prove your own point.

Saying you’re frustrated at guess breaking and then saying KI is not a game about raw reads is, uh, just a tad ridiculous, pal.

If you’re wrong on a guess break, especially an early one, you eat 40% or more. That’s actually a worse punishment than being wrong on a guess DP in a game like SF4 (early in a match, without ultra). If you don’t think an early guess break is a raw read, then I don’t know what to tell you.

oh my goodness i am going to regret posting in this thread (runs away)

If they are doing first frame breaks,why are you not doing opener linker instead of opener auto? Opener linkers are a bit delayed so it will catch first frame breaks and cause a lockout.

I feel kind of bad about cluttering one of the ONLY threads about classic KI with an argument. I FULLY UNDERSTAND and respect every ones love for classic KI AND its mechanics. I was only defending the current game and its tweaking of the old systems. I will keep disagreements in Personal Messages from now on.

I honestly suggest that someone with authority delete at least the unnecessary portions of the argument.

Don’t worry dude it’s freedom of speech stuff like this always happen