KI porting, and bigger question for said port

Well okay I know that KI is coming to windows ten P.C, and I want KI on the 360 I mean that had builds of the game, and Microsoft is… odd greedy too But that another debate for another day I mean… it’s been a long time scene the 360 builds was shown. (but Still holding out hope)

But the bigger question is this, if, when or Is the port of killer Instinct on windows 10.

  1. Is it going to be a good port. (by that I mean working and not a broken mess)
  2. What kind of Coding well the cross net play be using
  3. well their be a Keyboard lay out and rebuilt controller use for all controller or fight sticks for p.c
  4. well mods be usable when on line

also Extra note, Bring Ultimate combos in Season 3, not up for debate do it.

The 360 isn’t strong enough.

You might still be able to find a Qanba Q4 for sale. Works great on both 360 and PC and costs about $50. I swapped out the parts on mine for about $40 so now I have a sweet stick for the PC and I’m out all of $90 at most, and about a half hour of tinkering.

That said, I’m almost positive that MS said XB360 era fightsticks in general would work with KI on Windows 10.

Consider that 3 months are missing for the KI launch and the last news regarding PC is about the 90 fps lock in mid August, while the rest being information for Season 3 in general. We don’t know if there’s going to be a beta too and I’m afraid we don’t even get one.

About point 1, I heard something, but seeing how fast the white legion of defenders is, it’s better you check on your own something related to Batman games.
About point 2 we don’t know ■■■■ yet
About point 3, it has been said that most of the controllers are going to be compatible, so no worries (news from August).
About point 4…well, checking how much they cared about Ravan86’s concept ideas and the presence of some costumes of doubtful pleasure and mostly unfitting (cheerleader Riptor best costume USA), I tell you NO, there aren’t going to be usable mods online (and perhaps, even offline).

The 360 is pretty much dying in the support from Microsoft department. Odds are they’ll finish killing it off this coming year, highly doubt downporting KI would create enough sales to justify the cost.

Apples and Oranges, to be sure. Completely different timelines and budgets. Not to mention IG’s current familiarity and access to relevant coding.

Ehh. Putting aside whether an early build existing says anything about plans for a 360 release at the time, I just don’t see it happening now. As far as active development is concerned, the previous generation of consoles is just about dead, and it’d make very little sense for Microsoft to burden themselves with years of ongoing maintenance for an extra build target for a frequently changing game on an obsolete platform.

Are you asking about the netcode, as in input delay vs rollback, or are you asking a different question regarding connectivity? Because the former isn’t just something that’s confined to network IO – the game engine itself is built to support rollbacks, that functionality is even present in offline games (as far as I know it’s what enables match replays). The idea that they would tear apart the engine and rewrite it with different netcode for the PC version, especially when crossplay has been promised, is utterly absurd.

Maybe? Comments on this point by the devs have suggested that they’re proud of their in-house tools and have thought about making them available for modding; and Microsoft is exploring mods for console games starting with Fallout 4. It isn’t unimaginable that mods created within the constraints of some official modding tools (such as possibly costume mods) might work online, but it’s still a bit farfetched.

The “defenders” are just level-headed people who realize that what happened to the Batman game is of dubious relevance at best: likely a different team at IG worked on it alongside Rocksteady et al, the best rumours we have to go on point towards heavy optimization for consoles by Rocksteady being the root cause of the problem, and regardless the buck stops at the publisher, and WB has a patchy track record with PC ports. That’s to say nothing of the track record IG has for porting fighting games to PC, which is pretty solid.

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Well IG idd say they wanted the port to be as good as possible with the PC so hopefully things WILL go as planned.

2 is one one of the most importnat things IG wants to do.

3 O guess that may depend. They did mention that any old controller you have or a fight-stick laying around should work.

4- They said this once at a conference that they don’t know yet. But they said what’s important is the net-code and everything else as their top priority. So it depends on what the modding will do I suppose.

also agree to you on Ultimates there @antman159 eve if it only can be on the staes, I dun care MAKE IT WORK!

Oh and @DarthNos quick to make assumption are we? :U

honestly no one can predict the future so like everyone else, you should wait and let’s see what happens.

For defenders I mean another kind of people, hence the ones that think KI is good as it is because they did a good job on Xbox. Without doing names, I make you an example. In a topic when I asked if there are going to be some beta on PC because there might be issues regarding some stuff, this guy said that Betas for KI aren’t needed because the servers are working fine for Xbox so they’re working fine for PC too. This is the kind of white legion I mean.
Not forgetting also that, after this time, it has been said zero for PC version and I’m afraid something’s going to be told only after KI world Cup…a little bit too late.

I had this impression for a different amount of time, Jeffron. Some attitudes, sentences and the information brought make me think that IG was pretty reluctant from releasing a PC version, but that’s my opinion. Or at least, not in this moment and not so quickly. I tell you this because I had an equal experience with another dev company (Team 17 Ltd Software) and it didn’t end very well. But that’s a long story.

An oddley specefic case when you throw the general term of “defenders” around. Of course they need to test it to make sure it works. That’s common sense. But still a big blanket term and you weren’t specefic till just now.

It’s because, checking some forums around, some people are defending KI starting from the case of Arkham. But how they defend the game isn’t constructive, is the opposite. I have to admit, however, that different people started as prevented from spending cash in this game because of the port, so it’s a tie in behavior.

I probably had to say white knight instead of defenders, sorry. But I would have started a flame from somebody that might be offended for nothing.

BTW, check my previous post. I told you the reason I’m making assumptions. If you want to know more, just pm me.

It’s understandable that you would feel uncomfortable especially with the terrible port of Arkham Asylum Honestly I’m hoping that doesn’t occur with KI either. But to even be remotely constructive one should balance the positive and negative aspects of the situation in question. But this is besides the point: While I’ll prefer to stick to consoles, I do hope KI gets a PC port because it will expand the audience. I don’t know IG and MS’s track record with proting PC games. and if cors-platofmr play works it means more people for me to fight. Which I can’t say no to!

And what’s wron with defending KI? so long as there’s a level-headedness and not blind-fanboyism it’s really not so bad because for some folks the game has good points that be acknowledged as oppose to jsut pointing out everything that is bad which can be just nit-picking in other ways. While I can acknowledge some of KI’s flaws disagreements with a statment doesn’t always mean defending it’s a matter of opinion really.

I wouldn’t get caught up on who’s defending or detracting things… posts either are of substance, or lack substance, and it’s up to us as readers to discern quality of information.

a good point. to be made there

This. The problem is the fanboyism, like the case I exposed you as example (it wasn’t his only post tbp). However, to be clear, KI has flaws as F2P, not as a game (except something related to rank system) but a huge majority doesn’t see it. That’s because it’s on console, but on PC the thing will be completely different, despite being of a niche genre.

I am not blind to the flaws of the game. Some you see as flaws may not be a huge issue to others but that is always a degree of perspective. But not everyone is going to agree with you.

I can understand why you see that F2P term as an issue because when they mentioned free to play they meant the demo was free. and they actually just used the wrong term to describe KI. I can agree that it is weird and it has caused some horrid mis-understanding, so the term F2P should not apply to KI. So they’ll either have to say that there’s 3 different ways to buy KI, or just decide how they’ll make the money from the game if all the characters and stuff are free.

The console case may just be that typically we don’t think of F2P when it’s on a console that’s a given in the case of P.C but it’s possible that some folks probably do see what you mean. They just try to offer the issue at a different angle. The devs may have intended for KI to have different options as purhcasing but F2P isn’t exactly a good label to describe it. Honestly I’ve been considering in trying to educate any future KI players on the PC. so that we make sure they do not misunderstand. And this is of course if they don’t make everything suddenly free.

If they turn into a hybrid f2p that would be a cool marketing choice plus it will pick much more audience. But, let me be precise about this point, this is applied if you don’t focus only on the genre’s lover, but for everyone.

I noticed somebody stated that this strategy doesn’t fit for focusing the aficionados, and that’s right. My opinion is valuable only if the plan is to extend KI to everyone, including people that never took a Fighting game before. Moreover, it’s mainly for these guys.

However, if you get a ton of audience from this part, I admit there’s a backslash and that is the fact the game tends to “newbie” himself due to the fact of being “easier” than other fighting games. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve seen some tweets of some pro fighter discussing negatively the combo breaker system. And I think also somebody of the KI scene talked about this matter in a video.

I think you have a few good points there, but I only see a few flaws with game play, their noting big mainly nit-pick but that’s another post for another day.

But as for going to p.c and seen different, I agree It’s kinda like xbox live game pre-view and Steam’s early access

Yes they are looked at differently because they are on different systems. how ever they are the same thing

People well play it the early access/preview games, they see it’s not done, then complain Or just go with it.

how ever unlike KI, it’s done and as it’s free play build, it most likely well be the same as it was on the one, It well shift one and a wile, and for anyone who has the DLC well not have to repay.

Now I see the problem, everyone who has the full cast well have a advantage of more moves and tactics. also knowing what the free char is for everyone else sets up “Massive hard counter win streaks”

My answer to that is offer 2 - 3 free chars at a time, that way the newer players have a bigger move pool and tactics list.

also there needs to be a update to where you can use anyone in the training mode only so that they can see who they want to buy and use outside of that mode.

now this is an interesting alternative to a problem. Considering the demo version usually you can only play one character at a time. Training mode can’t really hurt it. And if anything people can just buy them individually if they want, OR they can just say ■■■■■ it and just buy the whole season.

@JEFFRON27 well I want to make Video games one day and fighting games are one of my burning loves, however where I see people go “it’s a problem” Or “lol Drop it” I see something else.

No one really know what well happen when something is done, But I can see the fear of the unknown, when I talk about things like “KI on 360” I don’t mean throw it on there and see what happens.

Clearly you want a suitable safety net, unless your the type to keep going for yolo DPs then yes please get rekt’d