KI porting, and bigger question for said port

This was an idea somebody expressed in my very first topic in this forum and it’s actually good. I heard there was a plan from the devs to increment the number of free characters at disposal per month, but it seems they never applied it.

Well no one ever pushed it as a Balancing patch, but seeinmg how it’s going to p.c Unlike street fighter 5 witch is being made for both PS4 and P.c New KI players need that leg up if they want to enjoy it at it’s best.

Balancing is what can make or brake any and all fighting games.

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I suspect that has largely centred around PaulB. There’s an ongoing shitstorm regarding whether breaking is too easy or common, and whether unsafe or “yolo” stuff is adequately punished by the game. It’s largely coming from people who want to be able to completely ignore the combo system, and little of it is based on solid mathematical reasoning.

Fact is, competitive players don’t necessarily know what’s best for the game just by virtue of experience (EDIT: this isn’t to say there aren’t competitive players who demonstrate remarkably deep knowledge of combat design, because there are plenty!), despite typically being at peak performance in most (if not all) of the roles they play within it. Especially wrt breakers, people are likely to amplify instances where their day gets ruined by a guess-break, and completely downplay those “business as usual” moments where they finish a combo unbroken, capitalize on an early lockout, or land a counter-breaker and eat three quarters of their opponent’s lifebar. People are by default pretty bad at taking all of these situations in aggregate and measuring their prospects by the “expected” case, rather than having a worst-case mindset that says that a no-skill scrub is totally going to successfully guess-break them first chance if and only if they don’t counter-break.

It doesn’t help that PaulB is getting high on the whole elitist SF footsies shtick, either. When one edifice of a genre is as disproportionately honed and revered as SF footsies are, it becomes tempting for people looking for status to subsume that thing into themselves. That can lead to the design space staked out by other ventures (such as KI’s more aggressive neutral game driven by high-powered specials, deeper and more effective pressure, and combo system which allows what would’ve been a hard-earnt payoff in other games to be broken in KI) facing a lot of dissent from those who’ve attached themselves to said established edifice, which can unfortunately stifle the development of high-level play in that new space from building into another revered edifice itself.

The changes some of these players are asking for would leave huge parts of the combo system unexplored in competitive play – and in fact are being requested specifically for that reason – as well as neutral game changes which would drag KI closer to SF, at the expense of the interplay of elements which characterize and distinguish KI. Basically, these people aren’t really asking for anything distinguishable from a Street Fighter with KI aesthetics. Speaking as someone who isn’t really interested in SF games at all (that isn’t to say I think they’re bad), I’d be mortified if KI went in that direction: here isn’t another game quite like KI that I can fall back on, after all.

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@Fnrslvr I would like to see said Video,

Also I like the posts I’m getting here, I may make another bored to Debate some chars base mechanics.

I don’t know what to name that topic but I well keep it in mind, but atta guys and gals, keep it up.

I agree. You got a like, sir.


I agree with you on this one of the things that makes KI so great is because of its combo system and I honestly do not care for SF. If they wanted something closer they can easily play that. However this is a community where you can get advice and tips from alot of players. It’s safe to say a good number of us have been playing this game for awhile and know our way around the neighborhood. Some players here are more than happy to help others.

Another reason could be this self-indulgence of “I am good, I can do no wrong, if you beat me you cheated” not quite the same mentality but it could be some of these folks demanding such a change may not have this mentality that their opponent may actually be good at the game or may know their character’s animations enough to make a good read.

Hopefully this system will not change in such a way. One of the devs from DH I think even said this: You can’t play KI like you play SF. I think what he meant had to do with the combo system.

a reasonable argument. a few characters free would not hurt anyone. May even be enough to let them decide if they like the game or not.

But in my honest opinion, this would also be one of the best ways to enjoy the game:
if they like the game enough to just buy all three seasons for 60 bucks when the opportunity arrives. Hopefully all three seasons will be available for PC players so it will be like buying a game not separated in seasons.

Interestingly enough, this seems to be mostly a … modern trend, maybe within the last year-ish or so. Not just in the KI community, but in the FGC at large, it seems. It didn’t used to always be like this; lots of people were really willing to dig into fighting games that didn’t have the traditional footsies sense (and really, most games not named Street Fighter are like this… Guilty Gear, Marvel, Tekken, Smash etc all have very different neutral to SF games), and nobody complained about it being too unlike SF footsies.

I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they realize the kind of game they’re getting in SF5 (a footsies-heavy game with very little oki and not very overwhelming special moves), and to them, the future of the genre seems to rest squarely on SF5’s shoulders, so there is an interesting psychological response. Because they hope/want SF5 to be a very good game (as all of us do!), they, seemingly by necessity, start to think this must be the only way to play a fighting game to help their brain accept SF5, whatever state it arrives in. They seem to forget that we were given a very footsies-heavy fighting game called Street Fighter x Tekken only 2 years ago, which was actively shunned by the community for its slow pace and uninteresting neutral (I happen to like a lot of things about SFxT; it did some meta things wrong which rightly pissed off a lot of people, and the game itself did have some glaring flaws, but it had mostly fun characters, unique pressure, and you could never touch a person who was better at footsies than you).

True, but they are imputing a Cross by system into the game and we know that the “P.C master race” Didn’t have KI for like 3 years seeing how it was pushed as a Xbone only game in witch really M$? we all know halo is their only true full Excursive set of games, hell even gears 1 had a p.c port… halo one did to… so I guess it makes it fair… Pfffff LOL

But all jokes aside I see your opinion, and I know there’s going to be users who out right by the game, but your still going to have people who want to try it out before buying and with the way gaming is in our days, I can see why.

I mean We all remember how E.A handled SimCity right?

SimCity, ME3, Xbox one DRM at E3, always online singel player games this is a few things that I can’t and won’t Forgive.

With Each Sir I grow classy-er.