KI Pc Port the good and bad

Something I noticed growing up playing fighting is the lifetime of fighting games on PC of compared to console is rather seldom in terms of longevity. There’s always been latency issues etc etc, the good in it is the base and hopefully in KI’s case is the drive for a ACTUAL PC community not just casuals. For example we have LCD PAUL B RICO SUAVE the drive for the console community has somewhat success but still as a car KI still needs drive. Now it’s very important that when pc comes Microsoft includes pc community and I hate to say this but a very big thing that’s known to bring PC users together is STEAM, Just look at how it operates I was in the guilty gear community hub u see graphics streams discussions it’s almost like a Twitter feed for gaming except u get everything in its glory. I’m talking offline mainly because I’m a tournament player and what got me into this community was the drive, So if the drives stops with PC ki won’t have longevity imo that’s all KI needs to be the next big thing. I can say that with more these KI cons and wirld cups coming up KI is eventually reaching smash status only if it keeps coming because like something you watch on tv the name keeps appearing.

I don’t really think you have anything to fear my friend. The Windows 10 launch is only going to open up and enlarge our community. We’ll see a ton of fresh faces that weren’t there before due to them not owning an xbox one. As far as guilty gear goes, the steam release was an afterthought, I suppose in the same sense as KI in that it was built from the ground up for a console release. Now here’s where the two games differ greatly. The architecture of Windows 10 was built with the Xbox App in mind. There shouldn’t be any issues whatsoever because essentially Windows 10 will emulate an Xbox One given you have the minimal system requirements. Very often with Steam releases we see various issues. Naruto Storm 4 and Street Fighter V are perfect examples of this, both being plagued with issues upon release.

KI never received the recognition it deserved as Microsoft’s premier fighter when it was initially released. I feel like a better job could have been done with advertising, but the PC release is a very smart move on MS’s behalf. The game is so freaking good, it sells itself. You can’t help but to get excited once you see and hear the icnonic C-C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!! The media has also been doing a better job with covering KI as well. I’ve seen several reputable gaming websites feature stories about the upcoming S3. Everyone’s excited and I can’t wait until IG blows our expectations out of the water. Have faith my friend and be patient just for a little while longer. The last thing you have to worry about is the PC release killing KI. I would be more concerned about whether or not Eyedol is going to be in season 3 or 4. LOL!


Well what im suggesting here is to not exclude the steam community they are very interactive and communitve i think it would be a pretty good thing to invest in as for growth and expansion purposes

They won’t be excluded. But I think the game is never going to appear on Steam. MS is simply not going to abandon its W10 game platform for the sake of KI.

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maybe not but it would be a good idea in terms of expansion i mean to be honest the majority of pc players are mostly on steam it would be easier for growth and interest will be sparked tremondously, but yeah i get that ms wants to keep it exclusive to windows

The game would sell a lot more copies if it were released on steam but as others have said I don’t see this happening. It’s too bad, but we should still see some success and community growth.

You make some great points but I can guarantee that we’ll never see KI on Steam. In the end, it all boils down to the fact that Steam is a competing platform while both Windows 10 and the XBox One are MS’s proprietary intellectual property. If they were to release the game on Steam, they would have to split profits on a game which we know doesn’t have a budget even comparable to MS’s AAA titles. They’re simply not going to do that especially considering that they’re putting all of their stock into making Windows 10 a one stop shop.

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Yeah I know just throwing the idea out there just because it would be on steam doesn’t mean they still can make it Microsoft gold users-only or somethings but yeah im sure it won’t make it steam ever just putting a ideal out

I think this will indeed encourage friend sof mine (who have win10) to get the system.

Whats so bad about just playing it using just the windows store…i dint see the big deal…ki is gonna be a windows 10 pc exclusive port…and if I’m not mistaken I believe the defense department in the us is kinda forcing ms to make all windows 7-8 pcs update to windows 10 through a kind of mandatory update…so everyone should havw windows 10 anyways …ms isnt gonna abandon its game to steam…im pretty sure opl woyld talk ■■■■ by saying oh ms wont even back their own game bla bla bla

if you were actually listening i already said that i wouldnt be on steam but a GOOD idea to do it to expand it on there due to the fact that it already has a established pc fighting game commmunity. Is it going to happen we all know it isnt

Since it’s tied to XBL am guessing when it goes down so will the PC version? Hope it doesn’t happen on launch day, it’s been going down a lot in the past week according to the reddit posts.

I’m not sure that Reddit is a credible source of information.

The only reason I believe it is because there have been multiple threads lately with a ton of people saying they got disconnected or their friends list is down and other similar stuff.

Not only it sells itself, but it’s actually going to “sell” win10 on top of that.



Xbox Live has been a bit wonky, frankly since the release of X1. What you see occasionally is that people will have trouble getting their friends list or other things like their menu pins (which inexplicably live in the cloud instead of on the box). Often, however, that doesn’t affect online gaming. Usually these types of interruptions will occur for an hour and then it goes back to normal.

If I had to hazard a guess, and it is completely and utterly a guess, I would say it’s probably an artifact of having to completely dismantle and alter an integrated, always online DRM system at basically the last minute.

I don’t know about just an hour. If you look up snoopdog and xbox you’ll see he posted a video in which he complains about the outages.

Oh, well if Snoop Dogg said it… I guess all that Xbox I’ve been playing online this week must have been in my imagination. I’m not sure why you want to insist that the network you don’t play on for a box you don’t own to play a game that hasn’t released for you yet is something of concern for you. But knock yourself out. If you say so XboxLive has been utter pandemonium.

There are several websites that monitor reports of outages. is one. Keep in mind though that reporting you are having trouble connecting doesn’t actually mean Live is down. They do the same for PsN.

Am concerned because initial impressions can break games especially true for the KI pc release. It would be pretty bad if KI launched similar to SF. It wouldn’t be good because it’s a small game already.

I don’t know why you keep dissmissing the issue especially since its been proven by plenty of people on a public forumn and by a celebrity. I understand that you can be a fanboy and try not to see the issues at hand but noticing the issues would improve the product and service.

Yup. It’s been proven by celebrities.

I must be a fanboy.

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