KI on Steam: Approve or Disapprove

I’ve been seeing a lot of Xbox haters talking crap about KI for further distancing itself from an “Xbox exclusive”. I honestly think this is a fantastic thing. Steam has a HUGE install base, many of those players haven’t even given KI a try. If it’s on the exact same platform as SFV, I think this will be the exact kind of exposure KI needs to bring in new interest and new players. Overall, I approve this decision. You?

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I haven’t seen any hate for making the game more accessible to everyone.

Wasn’t it the “haters” who complained that it was Microsoft exclusive? Why in the world would they then complain that its not? Whatever the case its a smart move, I know plenty of people who want to play it but don’t own an Xbox or don’t like Win 10. Honestly there’s no reason not to be happy about it, for us console players it just means IG and MS make more money, the more profits they see the higher the likelihood is that we’ll see more content for the game or a future sequel.


Because people love to ■■■■■, if what they ■■■■■ about is resolved they’ll find a new reason to ■■■■■ even if contradicts what they originally bitched about.


I’ve seen a couple of YouTube videos where they’re basically saying the Xbox One is garbage with no exclusives and laughing about the fact that KI is available on more platforms. Moronic, I know. I think it’s just Sony fanboys who just try to find something to poke fun at, no matter how pointless.

Edit: I basically made this poll to show the haters that the majority of us hardcore fans support this decision.

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All hail STEAM

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If I’ll have to pay full price again then I call bullshit.

You sound like the kind of person who complained that you’d have to re-buy you Rock Rand DLC songs if you switch platforms.

It’s not bullshit. It’s business and logistics. If you buy Resident Evil 7 on PS4, you expect to be able to download the Xbox One version for free? You’re living in fantasy land if so.

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Its not a matter of switching from xbox to ps4. It’s a matter of switching from pc to basically pc.

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But two different platforms within the PC interface. Windows 10 store and Steam are not the same platform, although accessible from the same operating system.

Where’s the 🤷 option


Zealotry is unnecessary.

I don’t disapprove anything that helps this magnificent game get the exposure it deserves. I would like to ask all the hard-headed nimrods why it going from one online marketplace or another is the golden move to inspire them to purchase it.

Yes, Steam is more popular and efficient than Origin, MS Store or what have you. That being said, there is no reason for a PC gamer to not have purchased this game when it came to PC by the MS store.


It’s alright. I hope it comes as a x86 sample. Hope it plays on windows 7 and some other OS. Now it’s kinda likely KI got jailbroken. Quite sure it will have a better price through steam. Perhaps even PS4 users will be able to log on steam and play. Not so sure but I’ve heard it on an article. Most “modders” will hate it if it still locked on UWP making it’s purchase not quite interesting.

It’s hard to imagine, beyond console war bullshit, how people could object. First, don’t listen to people who make YouTube videos to deride things. Second, I have had KI on my Xbox for 3.5+ years. That’s plenty of time to make the console purchase worthwhile.


One thing that I’ve learned in life is you can’t satisfy everyone it’s always someone ready to nitpick about the smallest things all the time even in this forum. To be honest I think it’s cool because now it’s gonna get exposure to a whole new audience that maybe never even played the game and seeing how MS is promoting cross platform play with other games it’s no surprise

Sounds like a lot of bitching


I approve This it means mods I just hope my save data transfers over to seam.

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Wait, what? Who would disapprove?
It’s such a hassle having a library spread out whereas Steam let’s me keep it all together without having to do that damn jump just to make the KI shortcut actually work on it.

I mean, if I have to buy it again, that’s where I’d be fumed to an extent. Question is: do I need Windows 10 Ann Update to run the game via Steam?

People who think loyalty should factor into the works.
They piss and moan because the thing they want wasn’t loyal to their cause.
Then if the thing they want jumps across to the other side it’s a traitor and therefore can’t be trusted.


It better have cross-play


I can’t imagine it not having such.

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