KI mods in other games

I’m not sure if this has been posted here before, but I was a little surprised to stumble upon this and the fact that aside from the dead eyed/stoned/expressionless face, it’s pretty darn good:-

Interesting to see her lacking her signature weapons and move set, hopefully we’ll get to see a few more mods for SFV in the same vein, but hopefully with facial animation.


That dead face tho.

KI it’s awesome to see Orchid as a mod. This is funny every time I see it

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Yeah, I think I posted that in the big SFV thread when I saw it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I think it’s cool to see these mods, but I hope they work out the kinks like the motionless face.

Hmm, I must’ve missed that one, would you happen to have a link handy? Also, thinking about how nimble Cammy is, I think Maya would be a good fit for a future mod. :smiley:

She looks a bit tired on that menu. :grin:

Wonder if Ryu will get a Jago Skin next.

I would have to go through the thread… I can try and search for it.
I’m thinking Maya would be an awesome mod for Laura.
I’d love to see a Mira mod for Juri. And a Sadira mod for Ibuki.

Omg he would be amazing with just jagos head alone

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yeap, I’ve seen the video before and I really like it =)

Hmm, switch those 2 around. :smiley:

Nah, I think it would make more sense to have Sadira be the ninja and Mira be the bloodthirsty psychopath.

Does anyone know if they ever got that Orchid mod’s face working? As is she just looks depressed that she’s forced to be in SFV, not that I blame her.

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Probably not- I think MS only animated parts where there are known extreme close ups of faces such as the intros and outro faces- ( one I love is Kan Ra and Maya along with Mira) the rest in- game are static faces frames, frames of damage confirmations and frames of hit confirmation faces balanced by minor keyframes for characters (like Mayas taunt which has her head moving and general mouth movement, yet this allows them to give her three random vocal taunts ) ( how else could Orchid say 'take ‘em down’ or ‘firecat’ in the same animated instinct activation sequence) and about half of the cast where you may actually see a few frames that suggest dialogue is being spoken. Not that we are zooming
In on the face level in KI as close as the SFV character selects screens tho

I think Mira and Sabrewulf may be the most facial work I’ve seen as they have dramatic expressions in their selection animations- most everyone else just swoops in or grunts


Some characters blink, or their mouth moves in the select/vs screen/fight intro animations, so the KI characters faces actually are rigged for some movement. The problem is more likely to be when fitting a KI characters’ bones over a SF characters’, you can already tell she doesn’t quite fit with the fact that her shoulders are a bit out of place.

It’s the same thing that happens when you move swap someone like Zangief with a tiny character, the smaller character’s bones are all stretched out, their eyes bulge and mouths are huge and they walk on tiptoe.

Since KI’s characters are slightly more normally proportioned than SF’s, Orchid’s eyes aren’t huge anime pools and don’t fit the bones underneath them, which is likely why her mouth doesn’t move, either, he just hasn’t rigged her face correctly, but this should be fixable in theory.

I’m thinking this would have been fixed quicker if Killer Instinct models were easier to come by, but since nobody has managed to mod the game yet, nor rip the models it’s likely the SF modders have a lot less of an idea of what they’re working with, which I’m guessing is why this is the only one we’ve seen so far.

lol it’s been known since long ago that orchids neck and shoulders are ill proportioned and not realistic. ( as well as her torso) Check the mod threads we had an extensive discussion about this and the mod guy showed us her odd bone rig !

Yeah, it’s obvious she needs fixing a little, still, of the two, Street Fighter’s characters are obviously the more outrageously proportioned, so Orchid’s actually more on the side of “slightly broken” than poorly proportioned.:joy:

Still, with some work they should be able to animate her face.

I’d love to see KI haracters instinct activation zoom in like the street fighter characters I think that’s a cool feature if the SFV game

Sorta how we see Orchid instinct activation in her trailer that would make me so happy

Wait, I’m confused with your wording. Did you say you want KI’s Instinct zoom in SFV or SFV’s V-Trigger activation in KI?

If you were talking about KI in SFV, Akuma has a sort of animation zoom right now.

I would like to see the camera zoom in on Orchid just like we see her in her reveal trailer when she activates instinct. Someone used the dev camera to zoom in on her just like when we see Maya Sadira and in Kims it shows her Parry animation up close
When she says “FIRECAT!” we see her thrust her baton out and we actually see the gold flower petals cascade from her

I’ve just seen some people’s Mugen work on youtube related to KI and figured I’d share:-

Here’s our very own 2013 Jago:-

What appears to be a WIP 2013 Sabrewulf:-

And an older, but amazingly well scripted Orchid I remember playing when I was into Mugen:-

Also DOA ARIA, though something looks a little off about her IMO:-