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I know developers probably won’t take this with a grain of salt but I literally have a amazing idea!!! They should make a turn based battle game just like Star Wars galaxy of heroes! I literally can explain the whole game and all you have to do is please think about it! So it takes place during gargos invasion and you collect shards to get heroes and can have up to 5 members on your team! You collect astral gems to level them up and need to collect specific artifacts Just like in shadow lords to gear your heroes.
Here’s how the game works
Character: all characters have a set amount of shards needed to collect them. They drop of specific levels you can constantly play. The amount of shards needed per character varies from 25,50, or 75 based on rarity. You can level character up to whatever your player level is. That goes up by experience and winning fights. The level cap would be 50 and the gear level for each character would be 5. So you need experience, astral gems which is money to level them and artifacts to level up their their gear score.
The characters in the game you can unlock are all 26 characters in the game, all 24 retros, and background characters. The Background characters will be ultratech soldier, vampire coven, spider assassins, eagle and Arianna.
Those are all playable characters you can unlock. You will fight against all these characters throught the campaign along with npc characters which will include mimics of the entire roster.
It will have 6 chapters including normal and hard mode levels. Normal levels give you artifacts and hard mode levels give you character shards.
They could eventually add PVPV, clans with raid missions and special events. It could be HUGE!

Anyone like the idea?

When you say a turn-based battle game, do you mean like a turn-based RPG? Sorry, I’m not familiar with Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, so I’m not sure I get the reference. Would this be story driven? Would it be like a side quest to Shadow Lords?

I’d be down for some type of mobile accompaniment to KI where you can play something on the go to unlock content both in and outside of Shadow Lords, whether it be new skins, familiars, currency, profile items, etc. As much as people tended to rag on MKX Mobile, I enjoy it and still play that goofy tap tap fighter every now and then.

Granted, I’d like something a bit more substantial than that. Some type of side story as a turn-based game where you level up characters, recruit characters, fight bosses and underlings, travel the world, etc… I could see this being a great companion to Shadow Lords on KI proper. But it might be a tough sell to justify its existence if regular KI has a lot of the same ideas and unlocks. Plus that sounds like a rather substantial undertaking.

Either way, I like where you’re going with this, assuming I caught any of the gist of what you were suggesting. :slight_smile:

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As long as this game had Voiceover access (which is most certainly doable on IOS and possibly on Android for the various equivalents), I’d be more then happy to go for this. If it excludes members of the community by not including accessibility features, it would be a real shame.

Interesting idea though