KI/Microsoft Store Scammed Me!

I assumed you didn’t read my original post. If i had such a hard time explaining to them the items that were featured in the supreme edition missing what makes you think they will refund me the money?

I would just say that you mistook the names of the bundles. It’s not a huge deal. Also, you can go here: and purchase the Digital version of the DE. You won’t get the bonus content until it releases later this year, but it will give you all the characters and costumes for $10 less than what you spent already.

Again, just use the names of the bundles as the excuse as to why you accidentally bought one instead of the other, and explain that it confused you. I’m sure you’ll have no issue.

again, the DIGITAL DE is NOT cross-buy. buying it unlocks NOTHING in the PC-version. this may change retroactively when the PC-version of the DE is released but nobody can guarantee that. PC players for now should just wait.

@rukizzel Perhaps you could weigh in on this… is any of the content in the Definitive Edition apart from the front-end DE app available for cross-play if you got the digital Xbox version?

Physical store card states it will, but you don’t get content regardless. Devs refuse to say anything beyond the content is coming in the future to DE digital purchasers (Even though it already exists, so…wat). Avoid that version like the plague, me and other people have been ripped off already, and Iron Galaxy wont do anything to assist us.

The app is the only thing separate. You still get Gold Gargos, you still get all the content you purchased outside of the app bundle.


Yeah I get what you mean I can see how it’s frustrating that they did not specified Shadow Jago was not Included they should fix that. Now can someone please do something about these Killer Instinct Threads being in Off Topic section I just came across 5 of them and it’s starting to really annoy me.