KI/Microsoft Store Scammed Me!

I bought KI Supreme Edition for $50 through Microsoft Store like 2 months ago. It stated that the Supreme Edition comes with all the characters, skins and 18,000 KI coins. After the purchase, I got the all the skins and characters unlocked EXCEPTS for Shadow Jago. Obviously, I called Microsoft Store support and was answered by some dude in India who has no clue what a video game is and kept asking me what the issue was. A few days later I tried again and was picked up by another Indian guy. Again, they have no clue what KI or video game is. Just recently, I received my 18,000 KI coins. The coins came too late as I already unlocked all my favorite characters’ colors, outfits and weapons.
WHERE THE ■■■■ IS MY SHADOW JAGO MICROSOFT! I’m not going to pay $10 more for another character that was promised in the Supreme Edition.

That’s my rant.

Shadow Jago was never promised in the Supreme Edition. The Supreme Edition comes with all characters except Shadow Jago.

The description never mentioned Shadow Jago isn’t included. Show me where it says this.

Additionally, this pack includes ALL the content from all 3 Ultra Editions – all the costumes, accessories, 18,000 KI Gold (Limited time offer), VIP Double XP Boosters, Bonus Colors (for the 8 Season 3 characters), Killer Instinct Classic, and Killer Instinct 2 Classic for Xbox One (ESRB: M).*

Season 3 fighters Rash, Arbiter, Kim Wu, and Tusk available now – all other content to be released over the season.

Windows 10 version does not include Killer Instinct Classic & Killer Instinct 2 Classic for Xbox One

Xbox One: $59.99 / Windows 10: $49.99 is the source.
25 characters from all 3 seasons. Shadow Jago is not a part of any seasons and you got the 25 characters you bought.


Seems that this game needs better instructions on their packs. Too many packs, dated information, unclear information, it’s not easy to find pack on windows store… every week someone shows up telling they was scammed or bought the wrong pack because of these lack of good info. I by myself bought the S3 ultra combo pack, but was not clear that i was supposed to buy the S1+S2 combo pack + SHAGO to get them all, all they said was “this pack comes with goodies, and this one don’t. Choose one at your own risk”.

Why did you buy the supreme edition instead of the definitive edition which is cheaper, does include shago, and has more bonus content?

KI really needs some pricing clarification available for new players. I will make a guide on this soon if @Infilament doesn’t want to add this to his guide. I think this can help.


Definite Edition only available on Xbox1. I play on PC; therefore, no such edition.

It is confirmed to be releasing on PC soon.

It should still support Microsoft’s cross play system. Perhaps it includes a digital code to unlock this version on the PC?

surprisingly enough it doesn’t. PC gamers have to wait for the offical PC release of the DE.

Boo, MS. Boo!

And that also made me very upset because i thought it would not be a version for PC. I would had bought that instead of tossing money in KI gold/Shago. Imo this is a really unfair way of doing business, now that i already expend that extra money, I will not buy it anymore and if we get a S4 I will wait until IG/MS become more reliable on what they wanna sell. I don’t mind in put more coin on KI, but a dog bitten by a snake becomes afraid of sausages, and that’s how i feel now.

The digital version of the definitive edition should be cross-buy. If both the definitive edition and the supreme edition were available when you made your purchase you might (I am not a Microsoft employee, so emphasis on might) be able to get a refund if you call Microsoft support.

Anyway, $60 for all three seasons of KI plus Shadow Jago is still a very good deal, and would remain so even if Shago was $50 of that deal and the rest were $10 total.

Don’t expect any physical version of KI, or indeed any physical Xbox One purchase, to support cross-buy or play anywhere.

the digital version of the DE is NOT cross-buy. buying it will NOT unlock any content in the PC version of the game. this was confirmed by several users here in the forums.

It has also been confirmed by the devs to be available by the upcoming (US) holiday season, sometime after November 20th I think.

Do you know how much for the DE PC version? I already spent $50 for the Supreme Edition.

no official information about that for now. but I see no reason why MS wouldn’t sell it for the same price as the console version which is $40.

If you wanted, you could call MS support and have them refund your money, but you’d lose the Content.

The DE is $40 USD.


…the Definitive Edition DISK is not cross buy. The digital version of the DE is cross-buy…but here’s the thing:
The Definitive Edition content is not part of KI.

The DE content is a front-end app that has bonus content such as interviews, music, artwork, bios, etc. And the front end app is currently not available for PC. KI as far as the game is concerned SHOULD be currently, provided that you got the digital version, though I can’t confirm this personally because A: I have the DE disk, and B: I already have KI on PC.

But they’re still working on porting over the DE app to PC, hence why it’s not available yet.

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