KI Memes



Those are funny.

though I wa sin support for ultimates for all to make things fair. : )


Yeah, I had to throw that Ultimate bit in before someone else did.


When you’re playing Omen and you realize you have 3 bars


When you physically abuse your minions and you wonder why your Herald betrayed you






way too deep fried for me.


To those who refer to Hisako or Kim Wu as their “waifu”:

We all know Riptor is best waifu!





Wow, this waifu stuff is the cool thing these days? XD

Oh no, I remember guys talking about Orchid at the arcade back in 1994. Ewww…What unpleasent words I heard :nauseated_face:


People who like Orchid have bad taste.

Only true KI fans prefer Riptor than anyone else. :smiley:


Oi, I like Orchid! D:


All this fighting over waifus is just silly! Everyone has their own tastes and their own reasons to love their respective waifu!

…I’m sure we can all agree that Tusk is best husbundo though. Objectively. No bias whatsoever.


Pssssh Eyedol is best husbando. Think about it, he

  1. Has a strong head on his shoulders.
  2. Holds a high ranking position in his organisation.
  3. Is shockingly good at long distance relationships.
  4. Is great at hugs.
  5. Likes clubbing.

He may be lacking a bit in looks, but he’s such a sweetheart on the inside.


Fulgore is best husbando.

  1. He can instantly warm you up.
  2. Is very good with tech.
  3. Can instantly be with you by notice.
  4. Great at getting to your heart.
  5. Has balls of steel


Absolutely right!


Tusk gives the best hugs though!