KI Memes


I know this is a dead meme and I don’t know if anyone already made this joke but here it is anyway:

I’m working on new memes right now but they need more time!


Keep em coming! These are great!


Where did that Knuckles come from? And I think I’m not getting Raam’s reference :stuck_out_tongue:


From this clip.

It was from a review of Sonic Lost World by a Youtube Human called Gregzilla. This version of Knuckles became a small meme on its own, (I knew of it back then) but it really got popular when someone made a 3D model of this deformed version, and people started using the model for roleplaying as exaggerated versions of Ugandan soldiers in the online video game, VR chat.

These players eventually developed this weird culture of sayings and behaviors. They ask people if they know “De whey” and they look for and protect “De Queen,” as examples. (That is why the above meme references that, as Raam also refers to a queen.) The meme itself is called “Ugandan Knuckles.” It is a strange and absurd one, and I can see why it got so popular.

If you do some more research yourself, keep in mind that unfortunately the meme has recently gotten the “Pepe” treatment, so there will be some misinformation about the meme being offensive and such.


I normally hate E3 leaks, but I am so excited for the big reveal of fighter #30, how could I not share?! :dark_sunglasses::gorilla::surfing_man:t2:



Fighter #30 ?


Funky kong


X3 wait Ki is getting one more fighter? Oh wait this is KI memes. silly me.



For all those who say: “Killer Instinct is a Mortal Kombat clone!”

And for those who seriously believe that:

I took inspiration by The Act Man’s video:

By the way, I don’t hate Mortal Kombat! I’m actually really hyped for the announcement of MK11



Number 15…


Kan-Ra told me that we will see gameplay of KI Battle Royale at E3 this year.

I can’t wait!



Is this real



Welp, I guess this is relevant now as the inevitable has happened:


That game was a crap sequel of a really good game, but not from your time.


Nice joke.


I don’t care. Either someone fixes this issue or I’m out. I’m not about to waste my time reinstalling anything I bought with my money just so said content in question can be locked out.