KI Memes



I made this after I remembered UltraZeroX7’s older post “We Are Number One but is played in a Killer Instinct match” and I was like: How good would that fit into KI?


Sounds really good! The best part was the intro and the “high combo theme”. It was a pretty good idea and executed pretty well since the song wasn’t made for a FG. Nice job!


Thank you! :grinning:




from my twitter


Aganos’s face on the top panel X3


Looks like Kan-Ra finally did something wrong; Starting a conversation with Aganos.

Bonus points for Kan-Ra firmly denying that he’s a mummy.


Ok, it’d be a crime if you don’t leave us the template for that gem. :gem:



no problem!
I don’t know when it was created or who made it but bri4n_f had a funny edit of the original that i basically ripped off…


Got the idea from this!




Could this be a new meme like Batman slaps Robin LOL



Rash is a lot like Tekashi 69. Everybody wants to ban him, but they can’t.




May not be a meme, but I randomly happened to stumble on these videos while going across YouTube…

(WARNING: Some NSFW language. Guaranteed since it’s a parody of ERB.)


If you mix all of the Crimson Guardians’ abilities into one single guardian, you’d get Crimson Chin.