KI Memes




Looks like someone found the Bone Zone


Jago after hanging out with Heavy Weapons Guy.


This is how I feel right now, after two days of playing SF5:

I feel pity for all pros who stick to sf5 for tournament money. I’d rather watch The Room for entertainment.



I would say something about the pic for those that don’t get it, but if I did, the blatant connection would ruin the humor in it.


I was doing some work research when I discovered this gem:




This is an old meme I did when KI3 first came out. Notice I misspelled Sabrewulf. :stuck_out_tongue:


But…but…what about Fulgore and Kilgore?


I liked it.


This looks like a Chinese knock-off cover of Killer Instinct that you’d see sitting in a pile of bootleg games. We’ve got a dollar-store Jago, Kan-Ra, and Fulgore, and as a bonus, we get “red yeti demon”; the unreleased 30th fighter!!!

I’d pay a whole 10 cents for it. :dollar:



Jago actually dabs since 1994


When you ran out of KI meme ideas…



Riptor reacting to the Jurassic World 2 trailer


I thought we weren’t supposed to make Jurassic Parks jokes in front of Riptor lmao!


Dammit, you’re right! Well I’m going to hide now.
(Riptor appears behind me snarling)
Hey pretty- NO, no I’m not making fun of you… there we go.
(pats Riptor)
Phew barely escaped with my life but everything is fine now!


Obviously not! :wink:
I just realised that a word is missing “The answer should be obvious”


Get it?
It seems like I’m the only one still doing KI memes.


And your amazing for still making them :grin: