KI Memes


Can’t at the moment


From another thread:

Albert Einstein:

“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”

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Everybody loves dogs :slight_smile:



When you pause the Jurassic World trailer and it looks like a Killer Instinct screenshot


“Ben Ferris (pre-transformation) fighting off a Stalker“ Circa 2017 colorized.


That image needs a KI HUD overlay. :sunglasses:


Say no more.

Only gripe is that the lifebar covers the guy’s face. But at least I made some effort to it.


You are my hero right now. Currently without access to Photoshop since I finished my semester at the college as well as my internship so I wouldn’t have had the ability to do it myself!


Awesome! :gorilla: :banana::monkey:



"Spinal is bad and needs buffs"


When the KI forum trolls still think about you, not knowing how well their efforts in trolling has failed.


Here’s Jago with really stubby legs because I was impatient waiting for my game capture of the new Color 11 code I won and I took the picture at a weird angle.

I know someone will make good use of it. :black_heart:


Blimey, I thought I smelled paths ending.


Let evil come! For I am the hype man of the gods!



[Judges you in Korean]

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Shadow Lords in a nutshell.


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