KI Matchups, help needed! ~ Aganos


I agree that Aganos stomps her, but maybe some time in the future something can be figured out by Kim players to make the matchup just a bit easier. As it stands now, his range and armor is just too much for her to handle efficiently.


From the info I’ve gathered, for the project, I put Aganos > RAAM and Aganos = Arbiter, reasons/solutions for beating the characters when using Aganos will be added onto a Word document and then attached to the PowerPoint as soon as possible. Here’s what I put in the PP:

Green ~ Easy (To go against)
Yellow ~ Moderate (To go against)
Red ~ Hard (To go against)


Actually id say tusk and sadira are even. And I’m starting to question hisako. Id also think he has an edge over tj and he destroys Kim wu


Also @GalacticGeek is right about raam losing to Aganos.



Aganos wins:
Glacius, TJ, KimWu, Tusk, Gargos
Thunder, Sadira, Fulgore, Maya, Riptor, Omen, Cinder, Rash, Arbiter, Mira
Momentum match, who gets it can take huge advantage:
Wulf, Spinal, Shago, Kan-Ra, Hisako, Aria, Raam
Jago, Orchid, Aganos


After playing a super long set against gutter’s tusk I can confidently say Aganos bodies tusk.

At max range of Cr. HK, Tusk can’t really do anything. He has to guess when you’re gonna do Cr. HK again and jump over.

If you see tusk jump AA with HP because it sends him full screen again

You can punch through his parry frame traps with HP, HK, or MP

Every time you land sweep you can pick up a chunk to maintain 1-2 hits of armour. Even once tusk gets in he’s not that big of a threat.

Not to mention you can react to half of his buttons with shadow ruin


I’ve gotten pretty good at timing standing hp in that mu




Lol I don’t think Aganos loses that many matches. If I concentrate the main matches that would be difficult for me maybe
eagle-if you know how to use him-
Kilgore-sleep showed me that-
Hisako-mixups are crazy
Fulgore- is the best character
Sabrewulf-great frame traps
Riptor- very fast paced mixups


Just putting this out here.

Wins : orchid, thunder, glacius, raam, eagle, gargos, shin hisako, arbiter, Kim wu, kan ra, tusk, mira.

Loses : Kilgore, fulgore, riptor, aria.

Every other fight is even.


I think Kim players who know how to optimize her parry, her dragon-cancels, and her damage opportunities make this mu more even now tbh. her damage output is what keeps her in the fight. aganos still has chunks and shadow can shadow counter her multi-hit moves. ofc, I could be wrong, but I think for good Kim players, this is not 7-3 anymore, im thinking 5.5-4.5 in aggy’s favor but barely. @LetalisVenator and @SonicDolphin117 what do yall think?


He still dunks on her easily since he heavily wins the footsies battle. Parrys only take a chunk but don’t stun aganos and he won’t really have to block what follows after a dragon cancel. A bad Parry also leaves her prime for a st. Hp punish which can easily lead to her losing 74% if aganos has just one bar of meter.
He can choose to stay out or go in and abuse her as he sees fit and aganos is also a high damage character. Only way Kim wins the fight is if the Kim player is considerably better at footsies than the Aganos player. Or the Aganos player makes a major miscalculation.


My two cents? This MU still sucks. I’d invite any Aganos player to run the MU as Kim against even a good Shadow AI and see just how difficult it is.

For me to put it at that close of a MU, I feel like there needs to be a tool(s) that Kim could use to make Aganos leery. She doesn’t have one, imo. Her overhead is tied to a light button, so no need to worry about that bypassing armor. Dragon kick is an extremely risky move. Her floaty jump is a prime target for a Ruin. Her one move that could be used to strip chunks (Shadow Dragon Dance) needs a read. Instinct dragon cannons don’t incentivise Aganos to sit still even with 1 chunk. Have to almost predict a jump to AA properly without meter…

You have to go through all those things before you confront that Aganos also stops some of the things Kim does well. And, that in order to strip chunks, imo again, you have to be willing to trade life for it because you’re going to get hit. Unless you can break reliably, there’s nothing to stop them from doing a chunk ender and getting that chunk back, or even more.

Kim has to pretty much play perfect and Aganos has to offer her a mistake to capitalize on to make it not a long, uphill fight.


Pfffftt hahahahahahahaha

I mean tbf it’s certainly better than it was when Kim first launched. But it’s still easily one of the worst matchups in the entire game.


Honestly Kim’s slow walk speed, lack of a decent sweep among other things made that mu bordering on unwinnable at launch.


Is Kim’s dragon-cancelled parry fast enough follow it up with a heavy normal against Aganos?


The problem is that if the parry hits the armor, it takes longer for her to cancel. In most cases you’ll probably end up negative after the cancel.

Not to mention her defensive options being weaker. I didn’t play much of that matchup early on but yeah, if the Aganos has good defense there’s not much she can do.


Is there any particular reason for all the armor hit-stop existing? A lot of games do this and I have no idea why. You’d think just avoiding hit-stun plus damage resistance would be enough.


When fighting tank characters in most fighters the armor is often their main defensive option. So it has to be pretty strong and it puts the emphasis that you just can’t go in on a 10ft monster.


Well … hahaha … the verdict is in! lol


After what you all have mentioned, I’d move it to 6-4 instead of 5.5-4.5. I understand it’s a rough uphill battle, but I still feel that her damage output can help her stay in the fight. And I just don’t think it’s impossible for Aggy to be opened up by Kim. At least we can agree it’s better for Kim now than it was at launch lol.

I’d love to see an exhibition bw @LetalisVenator or @N1ghtSlash and @SonicDolphin117.