KI Matchups, help needed! ~ Aganos


The damage difference really isn’t that huge at all. Aganos doesn’t use shadows for combos as often as Kim but if he does the damage is quite similar, and he also builds ender levels faster. Kim just has an easier time opening with a stronger normal but that’s it.

Yeah it’s easy. You just have to pull it off 6-9 times in a row so Aganos never gets neutral back


To this day no Kim has managed to get more than 3 on me if that. It’s hard for Kim to open him up since she doesn’t have a heavy low or overhead threat. Nor does she have the vortex that characters like orchid or thunder do if they manage to navigate the footsie battle with aganos. Though she has the damage output with meter, aganos is actually going to hurt more in the meter less game and can do the same damage or more with meter. Damage is good to have. But it’s not a big thing if your opponents toolset is significantly overpowering against yours. Hence why omen vs spinal is also 7-3 despite spinal heavily outdamaging omen.


Add in the threat of the walls always looming and the fact that aganos doesn’t have to expend as much meter vs Kim as he does against other characters and and she can’t really shadow counter against him if he decides to just go in and she’s always gotta tread on eggshells.


hmph … that does make sense. good points!


Aggy vs shago. How do u aggy players handle this mu these days?


Ah! I see some things here …