KI LORE: who split Eyedol's head in two?


I honestly don’t think any lore regarding Eyedol’s intelligence has ever been made, especially this KI…yet.


Well if his fighting style is anything to go by…plus IG might be going the typical troll mentality. Plus he punches himself…


In most fantasy lores being able to wield magic like lightning and meteor attacks is a sign of high intelligence.


Yeah, that is true to an extent. But I’m putting money on IG keeping him “the big dumb one” from his earlier versions. And so far…it looks like it.


In the first game he was a warlord…pretty sure you can’t be dumb to lead an army well…


Ever heard of the dumb leading the dumb?


Half of Eydol is a brute and the other is an incredibly intelligent mage, odds are when he was whole he was a well balanced individual. I’d say the face punching isn’t a sign of his intelligence, rather the only means of waking up a sleeping personality.

Don’t let appearances fool you, he’s probably not as dumb as he seems. However he was obviously outsmarted by Gargos and defeated.


You’re telling me he couldn’t cook up some magic spell to awaken his other half?


Maybe his powers are limited to the magic that resurrected him, can’t run a bulldozer on a AA battery.


Heh clever…


Sorry I know this is old, but just thought you might want what actually happend in the comic. Jago and eyedol don’t fight to the death. Jago gets his ■■■ kicked then Gargos tells Orchid to help Jago right before she kills the CEO of UT. Then Jago hold his own with Eyedol til Orchid arrives and Orchid and Jago pushes Eyedol into a portal. Sending Eyedol back to limbo and releasing Jago from the spiritual grip Gargos has on him.

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You’re all wrong. Eyedol is actually Keits in game form. He did it to himself to stop hearing everyone ■■■■■■■■ about the game and shouting, “Keits, please!” much like Vincent Van Gogh cut off his own ear.