KI LORE: who split Eyedol's head in two?


head split is a boss idea

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Gargos kicked his ■■■. My guess is that he’s going to play a minor role lore wise. Probably be a jobber right now.

Gargos of course.

The trailer they said Eyedol was the only one to stand against him, Gargos had to have defeated him.


So eyedol had 1 head but it got split now he has 2?

am I correct or off?

Yes looks like Gargos killed him by cutting his head in half and kan rah revived him to fight with them against Gargos again. Can’t wait to see his retro

Yup, this time around. Still jobber character though.

if that’s the lore, that’s the lore … so good, my mind can’t think right now … Eyedol reveal blew me away

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So eyedol can now teleport too which is cool!

The last bit with him and Gargos was soo Cool

I just wish the same would happen with M. Bison and Gill


Could’ve been a younger Tusk back in the day. He was a keeper of some sort of gateway guardian, right?
Perhaps the reason why Gargos decided to hold back on invading was because he was scared after what he did to Eyedol


After reading the topic where people were floating ideas about how they’d bring him back in to the game/story earlier today, I had a dream about UT reviving him as plan B, in the event no one else could stand against the might of of the real boss. The way they went about this revival was a lot better than that, IMO. And he looks shockingly better than I thought he would.
But best of all, is people can finally stop asking.
I understand peoples love for characters not in a game who they feel should be. I just got a little sick of reading about it.
You all must be so hype now.

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Gargos. No doubt.

Eyedol will be the Shadowlord that Gargos fights in the Shadowlords mode. Though I wonder if Eyedol will also use Omens and mimics, or will he have his own minions?

Who has a sword big enough to cleave through that head? My guess is Tusk.


that’s what I thought before this thread … but why a sword? Gargos could’ve just grabbed his head with two hand, and ripped that head in two

Wouldn’t have been that clean a cut then.

I’m also guessing Tusk put Eyedol down; Gargos doesn’t fight with any weapons, though I suppose it’s possible he simply ripped Eyedol’s head in half.

I’m pretty sure Eyedol is a stance character, too, which should be interesting.



It’s either that Gargos beat the ■■■■ out of him when he challenged him, or that trying to get some power Eyedol came to earth and the guardian of the gods Tusk cleaved his head in two.

We now have a Frankenmonster! :smiley:


I think it was this guy


But then again…