KI Lore: Battle of Eyedol & Gargos

Just an observation, but Eyedol hasn’t been released yet… Only revealed. :wink:

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Good points. I like that idea. I think it’s probably something along those lines. One reason is because he wanted a super powerful being that he could control and have serve him, and also as somebody to have his back against Gargos and his forces.

Kan-ra just seems like the epitome of a scheming little coward lol I think that is why I think he is such a good villain. He is a cool and interesting character, and something about the way he carries himself, talks and things he has done/does make me dislike him. A+ bad guy imo hahaha


Actually, he hasn’t been released yet. He has been revealed, and he has also been announced. Just not released xD

What on earth are you talking about? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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“reveal” lol

My theory is that long ago Eyedol was the ruler of the normal world a god to it, Gargos was Eyedols second in command and secretly hated Eyedol for his power and oppression, Gargos gained loyalty from certain races and setup a coup. Eyedol knowing he was stronger than gargos had no worries or anticipation of his betrayal and was overconfident so Gargos split his head in 2 while he was asleep while his minions killed some of the other races loyal to Eyedol and Gargos became the new god and ruler of the world.

Time passed and humanity had begun trying to figure out a way to free this world from gargos and his minions, they knew they could not kill him but they knew they could weaken him and seal him and his followers away to the astral realm where they would be banished for all of eternity, the legendary one who weakened gargos was Kim Wu’s great ancestor.

So gargos was defeated and sealed until Kan Ra was tricked unto releasing him. Things were looking bad with Gargos around and Kan Ra was looking for answers and found out about Eyedol the first God. Kan Ra thought his magic would let him control eyedol’s mind but such weak magic could not temper the revenge and bloodlust Eyedol had to destroy Gargos and reclaim the world under his rule!!!

At least I think this would be cool :stuck_out_tongue:

My theory about why Gargos fight Eyedol:
Eyedol was part of Shadow Lords and he was true Shadow Lords. Gargos was jealous of him because he want to become god than him. So Gargos decided to destroy him before he rule universe. Gargos and other Shadow Lords were agree to kill Master Eyedol. Every Shadow Lords betrayed him, he knew they’re work for Gargos. But Eyedol was lose to Shadow Lords because too many Shadow Lords fight him. Gargos were proud to be stronger than him. Gargos want Eyedol become his slave, but he’s refuse. Gargos don’t care if he allow become his slave or not. Then he use talons of his to shred his head in half with bare hands… That’s why Eyedol want to revenge every Shadow Lords and Gargos too.

I hope you like my theory! If it’s lame, then I am sorry about my theory is lame…

EDIT: Wait… I didn’t notice 27 Reply until now. I feel like I steal his theory… -_-

The battle definitely was not one sided. Gargos took a mace to the face, and Eyedol… well that one should be obvious by now. As many others have said, it looks like Gargos grabbed Eyedol by the horns and ripped his head in half. That would explain his broken horn.

Judging by Eyedol’s skin color, it is a similar sickly grey that most human bodies are after being dead for awhile, which means the fight must have happened quite a bit before Gargos’s most recent invasion.

Gargos is a smart creature, there is no way that he would invade another dimension unless he was at full/close to full power. So he must have given himself enough time for all his wounds to heal. Then again, he is a semi-all powerful being, maybe he could just snap his fingers and heal himself. But then, why wouldn’t he fix his face?

Another thing to keep in mind is that this isn’t the first time that Gargos has tried to invade Earth. Maybe the battle between Eyedol and Gargos happened closer to that time?

There are so many variables we don’t know about right now. I can’t wait to hear/see/read the banter that will go on between these two when ShadowLords is released!

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Personally I care more about future. How will Eyedol be placed in Shadow Lords mode? What does he want? To destroy Gargos? To conquer Earth? Both?

From S1 all eyes were turned on Gargos, Eyedol popped kinda unexpectedly…

Eyedol’s number one priority is to take out Gargos, from there he will probably attempt to take over earth.

Eyedol will probably be the big bad if the player selects Gargos as their character. Otherwise he will probably something like a halfway mini boss or a bonus objective that awards lots of shadowlords goodies.

Kan’ra knows about Eyedol and Gargos through all the info he’s amassed through the years.

“Kan-Ra delved deep into his studies, poring over arcane tomes that he had collected in his travels, trying to figure out a way to open a doorway to the Astral Plane—the home of celestial beings and powerful gods. He also had the fragments of a papyrus document recounting a great battle waged by creatures called Shadow Lords. The Astral Plane, he knew, was the key to gaining unlimited might.”

Also, Kiets said that Kan-ra magic wasn’t strong enough to totally revive Eyedol which is why he looks the way he does. That being the case, while Kan-ra set out to ultimately control Eyedol, and use him for his own purposes, Eyedol refuses to be controlled.

All that being said though, we don’t know the circumstances behind Eyedol’s defeat at the hands of Gargos. We don’t even know the nature of there war, where it took place, and particularly why they fought. There are a lot of holes in the “ancient” lore as of now, and literally the answers to these questions could be anything.

I was thinking the same

Someone get rukari in here! Lol

eyedol broke gargos face and ruined his wings, but for gargos it’s too hard to split in half eyedol’s head with hands this way. it this is true, gargos would break bones just bloowing to the other ki chars.

this is what happened: gargos fights with portals, opening, punching and kicking inside, then closing them. at a certain point of their fight gargos was about to lose cause of eyedol strenght, powers and supremacy. so he waited eyedol to come close, then opened a portal, but instead of punch inside it, he pushed eyedol’s head inside, then made the portal closing with the head and part of the body half inside.

Gargos and Eyedol’s battle took place “centuries ago” at a minimum. I think Gargos would be able to heal from a battle that took place that long ago. But yeah, the whole point of Gargos is that he is a MASSIVE threat, and that no one fighter can take him on…not even ARIA in her most ultimate form. Tusk “guards the gates” but even he needs to find Kim Wu to prepare for battle, and Kim is looking/waiting for Jago…who is fighting along side Orchid and the others.

Gargos is what they call a “team buster.” He is very powerful, and a team of heroes is needed to take him down. Eyedol is a team buster, and so is ARIA as far as I can tell…though she is seemingly an order of magnitude lower than the others.


in the novella, Tusk defeated Riptor, ARIA and a Fulgore unit within seconds…


Eyedol getting his head split reminds me of some God of War stuff.

Like they were fighting over the end of the world bridge for the throne of dimensional lord, and gargos grabbed the axe of the old gods (the only weapon from this world who can damage ichorians) and split eyedols head.

So eyedol fell into the pit of endless lava, was conserved by the immortal guardian of the pit, conserved at the olympus daycare hospital, and brought to elder gods asylum, where kan-ra gave him the legendary respawn pill, forged by the rabid fgc fanbase, and was brought to life in kan-ra’s all you can eat ethereal goods store.

They really should hire me to write god of war missions.

I was mainly talking about her in Instinct mode. With her 3 bodies combined I see her much more powerful than any one singe body. It is sort of like Eyedol’s instinct, where when both heads are working together, he is just that much more powerful.

Besides that wasn’t a combat body. Instead I was one made for recon

lol excuses