KI Lore: Battle of Eyedol & Gargos

So we’ve been speculating since Eyedol’s reveal about how exactly Gargos managed to tear/cleave Eyedol in two. Most of the talk has been of the opinion that whatever happened Gargos walked away unscathed and Eyedol clearly was defeated. However I’d like to think the battle wasn’t so one-sided after all…

I had posted somewhat of a joke topic a few months ago because I was salty about Gargos’ fugly ape-face and I came up with the head-canon scenario that Eyedol was actually the one who fugged-up Gargos’ face with his almighty mace. If you look at Gargo’s face up close, it doesn’t really match the rest of his crusty exterior, it looks very “fleshy” if you ask me, around the edges of it you can see dark, hardened bits of armor-like shell that are seemingly broken away.

I’m thinking that the battle was a little closer than it might seem at first glance. How did the battle go? How did Gargos cut Eyedol in half without a sword? Or did he use those talons of his to shred his head in half by hand?

What do you all think, was the battle less of a decisive victory than first thought?


I think gargos ripped him apart by hand. There is no reason to think it was one sided at all. Gargos is a god…the there is no reason to think Eyedol is any less.

They both seem like Shadow Lords, but maybe while Gargos is an iccorian, Eyedol may be of a different race. What ever the details, according to the lore, Eyedol has been the only being strong enough to rival Gargos in the past.

My question…who does Tusk work for? And if they are the gardians against the Shadow, how powerful are they?


As they were saying in another thread about Eyedol’s wound, Eyedol has likely been dead for a long time giving Gargos time to heal further making their difference in appearance even greater. I’d like to think it was an even match but somehow Gargos gained the upper hand.

Hopefully Eyedol is the “S” in Shadow LordS mode, I’d imagine that their war raged on in some other realm than Earth though. Unless that’s why Gargos is so hung up on getting back to Earth…


Yup gargos looks like he’s missing skin, it kind of sucks for me that eyedol lost badly to him. When it comes to classic ki, I always saw eyedol as superior to gargos but looks like I was wrong lol


wait…you do realize this means it took Eyedol perma-instinct metre to take down gargos the first time around right?! Before Gargos gave him the free shave and a haircut?

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Also aren’t gargos wings kinda torn in some places?

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We need a 4k Gargos vs Eyedol wallpaper with their retros! It’d be biblical!


We also have to take into account that some of Eyedol’s physical damage may not have been inflicted by Gargos, he’s covered in scars and stitches from head to toe that were likely from other battles. He is a warlord after all and more of the brawler type who’s not as concerned about being hurt, in fact he probably sees scars as a trophy of battle so hygiene and personal appearance aren’t much to him. Plus how does a dead man stitch his own wounds?

Another theory is that Gargos may have possessed Tusk and cut eyedol with wargram. After that he took away his memories to cover his bases for some reason. That’s a theory.


You have a pretty good theory! Personally, I think that Gargos once tried to take over Earth thousands of years before the main story, since it is implied by the devs that Gargos once ruled over a number of other worlds (the devs said that his minions were races from other worlds that Gargos conqured).

But before Gargos could add the Earth to his collection of conquered planets, Eyedol came to the Earth for whatever reason and challenged Gargos. The two godly beings would then battle, with Gargos finally defeating Eyedol by ripping his head in half. Despite his victory, Gargos would be left severely weakened from the battle, allowing the guardians of Earth the send him to the Astral Plane. Fast forward to now, Gargos breaks free from the Astrial Plane and plans to recontinue his tyrannical rule across the universe, starting with Earth. But of corse, Kan-Ra decides to make things worse by reviving the eaqually monsterous Eyedol.


Maybe Kan-ra patched him up before reviving him :wink:


Want eyedol in stone before he resurrected him?

Yeah, maybe Eyedol was the Godzilla of the Earth in ancient times. A total douche that wrecks everything but kind of your ally because he defends his territory against other giant monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can see this being so, since he has human skulls on his mace and around his belt. Maybe Eyedol came to Earth from another dimension or something and was viewed as a deity by the humans? He could have been some kind of tyrant that ruled the ancient human race with an iron fist until Gargos came with his army. Since Eyedol viewed the planet Earth as HIS territory, I can imagine that the fight between Eyedol and Gargos was like a war between two powerful rulers, with Eyedol seeking to defend his territory while Gargos sought to take it.

I can imagine confrontations like being being common for cosmic beings in the KI universe :smiley:

Gargos just became more “instant badass” for wrecking eyedol, "talk sht, get your wig split" lol I think it would’ve been cooler if tusk somehow managed to be the one to cut him up, thus making gargos decide to invade earth since his #1 threat was out of the picture. But then bad luck kan ra would fk it for him Lol


This would make eyedol and gargos appear more equal

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Yeah like in the other thread, I can accept that Gargos defeated Eyedol, but I just hope that Eyedol (when he was whole lol) was still pretty close to if not equal to Gargos but Gargos just happened to be the one to edge the other out in their dual for w.e reason and killed him.

I also believe that Eyedol also looks worse because he has been dead, while Gargos could have had years to heal and recover. Lastly, there would be no point at all for Kan-Ra to bring Eyedol back to life if he was no match for Gargos. Idk how Kan–ra knows about it but he states Eyedol was the only one to step to Gargos. So even though Eyedol was defeated, Kan-ra must think or know he has some sort of chance otherwise why waste the time and effort into even reviving him if he is just gonna get rekt again?


You’ve got a very good point. Unless Kan-Ra somehow knew that Eyedol was on the very same tier as Gargos, Kan-Ra might have just revived Eyedol as a selfish last-ditch effort to protect his own rear. XD

Yeah I was thinking that too. He did say something about Eyedol serving him so It could be, but if Gargos’s presence didn’t have something to do with him reviving Eyedol, why even mention the " You were the only one to stand against him" or w.e he said? I think it could be a bit of both lol

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It might have been because Kan-Ra learned that Eyedol was an incredibully powerful being (being able to challenge Gargos himself) and sought to revive Eyedol in an attempt to turn him into a mindless servent. Maybe Kan-Ra learned about Eyedol during his research on the Astral Plane, and made plans to revive Eyedol to use as a trump card once he gained full control over Gargos’s army in the Astrial Plane.

But then it is revealed that Gargos was actually waiting in the Astrial Plane for a portal to be opened, in which Kan-Ra ends up doing so and allows Gargos to lead his army through to attack Earth. With his plans of world domination ruined and being afraid of loosing his own life, Kan-Ra decides to seek out Eyedol’s body in a last-ditch effort in undoing his mistakes and use the warlord to beat Gargos. But of corse, his plan backfires even more when Eyedol breaks free him his control, putting the world in even more danger.

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