Ki gold only accessories questions

So as of now it’s a stay tuned if their is ki gold only items. My question is will the 18k ultra pack owners get be enough for everything that may require gold to buy?

If you have the Ultra pack, you get the Premium Accessories, Retros, and Retro Premium Accessories.
What this means is that, without Ultra, you need to use KI Gold to unlock them, since they cannot be unlocked through XP.

You’ll be able to purchase the other 5 stages with it… I kid…I kid. LOL!

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But it clearly states you get 18,000 ki gold with it and the mods have said stay tuned to the question of will their be ki gold only items in the future. Not talking about premium accessories.

But that is already confirmed because of you. You caused this to happen. YOU TRAITOR.

Please do not take my statement out of context: I have zero knowledge as to anything which will be coming, but the point I was making was that large events like this typically have an official News post about them.

I was making a personal observation that getting a large bundle of Gold as part of the Ultra bundle makes me suspect that we will see some additional or ongoing use for the gold like additional accessories. This is strictly my anticipation, based on the exact same knowledge everyone else has; what the Store page says.

It wasn’t your comments. It was rukizzel who made the official “stay tuned” responds to ki only items.

Also it is pretty telling that the S3 Combo Breaker pack isn’t available to preorder yet. It is like they don’t want people buying the Combo Breaker pack without knowledge of what they can get with all that extra KI Gold from the Ultra Edition. :wink:

In any case, I am sure all will be revealed soon. March 29th isn’t that far away.

It’s hard for me to remember an entire year back, but I’m pretty sure the Ultra edition for Season 2 was purchasable before the Combo Breaker edition was.

I could be entirely misremembering it, though!

I feel there needs to be more costumes. I mean rash only has 3 and I’m pretty sure everyone from s1-2 has 4.

Its safe to say that IG have thought about the use of this for all levels of players. and since Rukari is using the “stay tuned” theme, I’m gonna say there’s some exciting extras that will be available if you have that extra 18k Gold.

Oh please Shadow Shadow Jago…

Wait, does that make him Regular Jago or Shadow squared Jago? (can you superscript text here?)


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As I said in the other thread, i think they have a plan to release extra costumes and accessories.

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It’s just Shadow Jago with a parasol.

I’m happy you seem to have found a use for all that KI Gold you weren’t using :smiley:

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There’s about to be a lot more added to the stack, hopefully they have a LOT of content. lol