KI Definitive Editon Offline Encounter + CD

Greetings, just recent I have purchased KI Definitive Edition for Xbox One, and upon launching it, I think I ran into a pretty big bug.

When the game finished installing all the content, I booted KI S3. Everything launched as expected, minus Shadow Lords on the main menu, but since that was with a day 1 patch, I ignored it’s absence. Then I got to the character select screen, basically only 1/3 of the game was playable. despite the system showing me every dlc was downloaded. Now I play offline just as a personal preference, and I know this game has a massive online community, but this honestly caught me off guard. Strange thing is, that Shadow Lords Update seems to be the only way to unlock the rest of the cast. I understand the mode had to be left out for more development, but the rest of the roster too? I’d just like to know why the other characters are locked behind this patch, despite ads for this version being pretty blunt everything would run from first start up. Yes S1 characters have their retros, but still not able to play as say Tusk, TJ, or Aria (Those who are center on the boxart)

For a better visual reference I uploaded what I’ve encountered, as well as the CD soundtrack disc it includes. Speaking of which…

Starting the “Original Soundtrack” disc, was kinda surprised only 12 randomly chosen songs from the three seasons were on it. I understand the UI in the Definitive Edition has a separate menu for all songs, but why is the CD also extremely limited? Only assumption or theory I could gather is maybe all 29-30+ songs couldn’t fit on one disc, or its a personal playlist from the creators of KI of their favorite tracks, but still a little heads up would’ve been much appreciated. Mentioned this to the forum Gamefaqs, and a small majority of users also told me this happened to them as well. Just like to know why an update is required just to access the other 2/3 of the characters, when no real mention was stated beforehand.

Love Killer Instinct, but just thought this should be brought up.

Current update, switched account to guest, and that for some reason
unlocks the other characters. Strange part is, whenever I switch back to
my default account, thing grays out again. This is quite the oddity I
must admit.

You will need to go online (not play online - just allow the game to be online) at least once to register that you own the content. Also, when offline, make sure your console is set to your home console in order to make everything work. A tad extensive, but those are the steps!


Got it working now, appreciate the response rukari. Was fearing I was missing something.

Update has now been added