KI back in arcades and movie theaters, ect

Yeah yeah yeah, I know Im am Kinda on a hiatus at the moment, but I would love to see KI in arcades at movie theaters malls or any where else that uses arcade cabinets…

The question is

Is there a market for it? and how much a cabinet would cost, and leasing and all the beurcratic bs.

If there was one game I would want at a movie theater, It would be KI 2013

It couldnt cost that much to make, and I think if there was any fighting game out there KI would be the one people would flock too…

Bring some KI cabinets to Houston! you will double ur profit by me alone LOL

just put an xb1 and 2 fight sticks in a cabinet and boom profit.


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I think that once Season 3 is complete there’s a much higher chance of more official KI arcade machines making an appearance. :smile:
I certainly think it’d be cool. I know there are people and venues that lurk on these boards that would buy one up in a heartbeat. If they came out with a version capable of running it on Max Spec PC Ultra settings, all they’d need to do is throw in online capability and you could have a dedicated KI machine!

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Man I wanna go old school put your quarter down style, if there was any fighter to bring back competitive arcade KI is it. It would be the MK2 of 2016

Now that KI isn’t an exclusive anymore I wonder if they would consider actually making KI arcade cabinets. Probably still a no I guess.

Tekken is still popular and KI smashes Tekken right now, do some trial cabinets see if there is profit.

I already started a thread about the arcade cabinet’s, Unfortunately it seems no one noticed :sob:.

Ask the mods to merge the topics :relaxed:

If any of you live nearby or around Chicago, go here:

They have arcade KI1, KI2 and an XB1 inside an arcade cabinet with KI3, along over 400 other arcades games. $15.00 all you can play.

Max seemed to like it:

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Wish they had something similar in Colorado.

I swear tekken is the best selling fighting game franchise doe…that or Street fighter

I have family in Chicago.

I know what I’m doing next time I visit. :smiling_imp:

Off topic:


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I would support KI going public again in any way i could.

Thats because KI 2013 has not been in the arcade yet…If it would be maybe a few trials, I bet there would be some profit.

Bring it to Edwards Theater in Houston, Dave n Busters, I guarentee you there would be people lining up, ■■■■ I would promote it.

If a merger is wanted I would comply…I want to see a KI 2013 arcade revival, and I mean people like me who grew up with KI in the arcade, have that hunger for face to face trash talk put your money down and lets throw down, is how to grow the community.

If people see how KI plays now on an arcade cabinet, with fight sticks, then boom there is a increase in fight stick sells and people who didn’t grow up with KI will know what KI is all about, then BOOM big spike in KI sales…Bring some cabinets to HOUSTON damn it!

Yes, I’ve seen that arcade cab before, But that’s not an official dedicated cab. I’d prefer an official one made Iron Galaxy or …You know what I mean.

Oh I know what you mean, and I would love a KI3 arcade cabinet from MS/IG. Sometimes new bands release old record LP’s why not do a sort of limited release of arcade cabinets?

At the Galloping Ghost arcade they have cabinets for MKX, SFIV, MVC3, and other fighting console games. It is an awesome place.

BTW, do we know if SFV is going to release arcade cabinets?

Its not. It was made specifically for consoles and pc.

bit pointless since arcades are dying

even then fighting games on arcade where only in their prime when SF2 and Mortal kombat first were around

Also it would take ages for it to even reach Tekken,SF or MK in sales and popularity and an arcade wont do that

why go somewhere to play a game when you can play it at home - convenience (and laziness)

Galloping Ghost Arcade also has one one of, if not the only known working Primal Rage 2 cabinet. I think there are some videos online of one or two people who managed to get a hold of them, but GGA has a complete working one, and it looks so good. The people there were even saying it probably would have been huge had it actually gotten an official release.

When I went to GGA, I made sure to take a picture with the PR2 cabinet. Back in the day they had another working one at Gala North Lanes in Carol Stream, IL as a sort of test, but I never saw it again until I saw the one in GGA.

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Damn man you are so lucky lol I was a huge PR fan, it was one of the first video games I ever played (Along with MK) and I even had all the action figures as a kid lol I would love to get my picture with it, and especially play it one day. Though only issue is I live on the east coast of the U.S so I would have to pretty much take a special flight out to Chicago just for Primal Rage 2 lol

One day I am going to do it though, I have to lol