KI at PAX East 2016

PAX East is this weekend, and we have the details of what to expect.

Check out the full blog here:


Will you be streaming the reveal?

Something seems off in her hero art. But that’s not really important, knowing that we’ll have informations this friday is.

Those astro plates look awesome! Wish I could attend and get some.

Looking forward to some new info!

So I’m curious… Are Mira’s eyes gold (S3 launch trailer) or red (hero art)?


That’s the plan. I don’t know the exact details which is why they’re not in the post, however once we know for sure we’ll tell you!


Thank You.
I look forward to hearing the details soon.

Our very own Tam Salta – Atlas Plug – will be there to talk shop, do a brief meet & greet as well as a signing…

Uh, what…who?

well color me excited

Good catch. I have a bad habit of messing up his name allllll the time! It’s so simple but I keep doing it.

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'Bout time we got some decent KI news; I was starting to grow impatient.

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:smiley_cat: <3 It seems like this weekend is full with starfox and the mira reveal <3 and it seems is close to release… well, it’s not like there’s plenty of room for release Mira in April, xD

I won’t be attending PAX East because Portugal is a bit far away.
I was going to ask if we would be able to see her trailer before that, but it seems that question has already been answered. I have two other questions though:

1- Will there be a character tease at the end of her trailer?
2- Will you be showing off Shadow Lords mode at the show?

The character tease would be Gargos, but he’s already been shown in the Season 3 release trailer. There could be a tease of his voice and a move in action.

Yes, I was thinking it would be him. Just wondering if there will be a tease for him anyway, or just the trailer alone.

1 - I don’t know, actually. Haven’t seen the cut yet.
2 - I didn’t see it listed in the article so I would think it is safe to assume… no. :frowning:

Pretty excited to see her, I wonder if she has an accent like Maya (or even uses the same voice actress cuz twins lol) also curious to see her combo trait and overall gameplay style, in both input and effect, friend of mine was curious if she may be a charge character like Wulf or TJ.

Either way, im hype to see her and maybe a good glimpse at some of her colors!

Aww :frowning:
Well, thanks for the heads up, anyway.

Wonder if since Mira was once Brazilian, the vampire that bit her must’ve changed her accent.

The trailer of her’s better show Sabrewulf and her interactions with her sister!

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