KI 2 Year Anniversary Giveaway

-Unlock the ‘It’s a Celebration’ Challenge in Killer Instinct by simply completing a match in any game mode
-Take a screenshot of the completed Challenge (Xbox App,, SmartGlass or a photo…any way you choose) with your Gamertag in the picture
-Post the screenshot of your completed Challenge here
-Wait patiently

Full details here:


Oh my God this came out terrible. Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary KI!

HaPpY aNnIvErSaRy!!!


My real gamertag is KevBones10.
Not Kevbones100

happy anniversary KILLER INSTINCT

Happy 2 year anniversary bby! :kissing_heart:

I’m so happy to have play from the start of s1 to now it’s been an amazing experience and one I’ll continue to take till the very end. :slight_smile:
Here is mine using the smart glass app.

Thanks for giving us some news on the anniversary! Looking forward to December and March!

Uploading… looking forward to the 3rd year anniversary next year :smiley:

Like this counts, right?

I remember Picking up an Xbox one instead of a PS4 because I NEEDED KI.

And I can’t wait to see what come’s next.


Thanks for an awesome two years and more to come Cant wait for shadow jago

My gamer tag is SP1K31991

Thanks for two great years of KI, lets go Shadow Jago!!!