Kev Bayliss apparently has some art for the unused vampire character in KI2!

I asked him if there was any art of the unused “vampire” character who’s name was found in the files of KI2 and apparently there is, he might upload it at some point to! I’m not sure what interviews he’s talking about in one of the tweets but I’d love to hear more about this character! If anyone knows, please link to them or if they’ve yet to happen… I guess we wait!

If you were wondering, the reason I asked is because it would be awesome if IG took notes from the classic design of this unused character if they should decide to design their own vampire in season 3. At least for the retro costume, you know? I sure hope the storm clouds roll in so we can see this art!

@Kevbayliss I was wondering, its rumored there was to be a vampire in KI2. The name was found in the game files, might there be art of it?

— Bryan Harris (@xcrimsonlegendx) August 13, 2015

@xcrimsonlegendx There may be some info on that character in one of the interviews. 😉

— Kevin Bayliss (@Kevbayliss) August 14, 2015

@Kevbayliss That's awesome, I was hoping if they decided to add a vampire in the new KI that they might take some ideas from him or her!

— Bryan Harris (@xcrimsonlegendx) August 14, 2015

@xcrimsonlegendx on a rainy day, I will upload some re-visited KI concept pics, & old KI stuff.

— Kevin Bayliss (@Kevbayliss) August 14, 2015

Nice find.

As much as I’m not a fan of vampiric characters in fighting games (I’m looking at you Nitara) I always love hearing about the undiscovered history of Killer Instinct and the concept for characters they didn’t use.

Were there any other character files or names uncovered from the first or second game?

As far as I know the only character that was unused was just called “vampire” but there was tons of other stuff that went unused though.

I hope he gets around to uploading it! Speaking of Kev, I hope he does the retro outfits again!

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I’m going to tweet him again soon and remind him if he forgets.

Love that guy" Hope he gets involved in season 3 as well.

Omg a true Transylvanian
And an alternate of the count from the muppets lolol

Ah one ah two ah three AH AH AH AH

I wanted a Female Vampire for Season 3 .-.

A succubus along the lines of Morrigan or Trish yes

Eh, I’m a weirdo. I don’t want generic “sexy seductress” I want generic Dracula. XD

EDIT: Really W E I R D O is censored?


I don’t mean a Sexy Seductress Female Vampire '-'
I Mean a Badass Strong Female Vampire ‘-’

(A Succubus could not fit KI now… She will be like KI2 Orchid??..)
(Trish is a Succubus? Really? ‘-’ I KNEW IT!)

I am hoping for a regal Vlad Dracula look with crazy flowing capes, rich colors and a smug stuck-up attitude.

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Well before a toad, we could have expected a badass

Lol if we get a vampire in season 3, this game has officially became a de facto dark stalkers game :smiley:

One of my close friends has been saying that since season 1 ended, KI is basically the spiritual successor to Darkstalkers. We just need a zombie now.

But Kan-Ra is a zombie? Mummy? :[]

Unless you’re talking about a actual reanimated corspe, like Solomon Grundy or something. Sure, I’d welcome that.

He’s gross but I mean like half skeleton, freaky Sabrewulf retro zombie. Doing crazy stuff like throwing his limbs at you and stuff. XD

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That Type of Zombie will never work in a Fighting Game '-'
But if he was not a Simple Zombie, but THE Zombie, it could work (Like a Unique Zombie with Special Powers or something… because Resident Evil and Walking Dead Zombies are pretty slow and weak :confused: )

This is IG we’re talking about, they could take any theme and make it work. :smile:

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Yeah, you right! After Aganos and Hisako
There its no doubt that IG KNOW how to make Characters! :grinning: