Kev Bayliss apparently has some art for the unused vampire character in KI2!

Vampire would be great.

Awesome! A collision of old and new! An old concept used for a new character

When we meet up, when hes in London next (at christmas) ill make sure to get him drunk and get all the information outta of him!



I dunno. I can’t see a vampire character in KI. When I think ‘vampire’ and ‘fighting games’ I think of Slayer from GG or Nitara from MK or Demitri Maximoff from Darkstalkers. None of these representations would be a good fit for KI.

The key components of a vampire are already taken by existing characters as well; Sadira has the seduction thing (in looks at least, her personality is still somewhat of a mystery), Aganos and Kan-Ra have the been alive for centuries thing, Kan-Ra has the evil lord thing, Sabrewulf has the feral thing, Omen has the wings, Gargos will have the wings and possibly flight.

If IG does decide to tackle a vampire I hope they either give it a nice twist which they’ve done with a few characters (Aria, Aganos) or make it some sort of dhampir.

I’d love a castlevania type/ retro eloquent being who has basic punches and kicks like a human in a suit but can morph into strange magical forms think influence of blazblue or guilty gear

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Regal Castlevania style vampire is better than all else.

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Gotta make sure we don’t step too closely on Wulf’s theme. The vampire-lyconthrope themes are usually similar in tones regardless, I know… But don’t forget:

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Cleaned up a bunch in here. Let’s stay on topic and avoid slurs, eh?


I was wonder about Vampire. Why Vampire not in KI2 because his glitch or unfinished?

@Kevbayliss I have question about Vampire KI2. Why Vampire not in KI2 because his glitch or unfinished?

— SkullGore (@BruceDeadpool) September 8, 2015

@BruceDeadpool I think we were saving him for a KI3, but Rare didn't make a 3rd game. 😊

— Kevin Bayliss (@Kevbayliss) September 8, 2015
Oooh. That's why Vampire not in KI2.
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Well, it’s confirmed that the concept was male…
The question now is, will they run with the original concept, or branch out in a different direction?

I hope they go with a different design on the main and use the old concept as the retro.


Sounds like a good idea. I like it.

Great idea! But we still don’t see what look like Vampire original concept. Kevin Bayliss don’t have Vampire concept, another Dev have him concept. I’ll show tweeting you soon.

@conkerhimself Hey! I want to know when you reveal vampire and spy girl artwork from KI2?

— SkullGore (@BruceDeadpool) August 31, 2015

@BruceDeadpool erm.. that's all gone. gone forever i imagine.

— Christopher Seavor (@conkerhimself) August 31, 2015
That's mean, we won't see Vampire artwork KI2?

Well that’s depressing, though I’m sure SOMEONE has it. Collecting dust in some folder somewhere…

Even so, I’m sure Kev could recreate the general theme of the costume for the retro.

WHOOOOAAAA this thing is a goldmine of info!!! Lookit all the endings that were supposed to be in the game!! OMG I’m sooo spending hours reading every letter on this site. tytyty

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Not sure if it’s been posted yet, but here’s the theme for the canceled vampire character

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