Keith Explains his KIT Pose

Okay let me just explain this pose I did at KIT last weekend. For those that don’t know I did this pose for my intro card at KIT.

People have been asking me what am I doing and even insisting I’m throwing up Detroit gang signs lol. This pose is from a character in the anime Yuri on Ice (video of pose . I did this pose for @FiyahLiger because he loves the show and I thought it would be funny, plus his BF who just started streaming (who you should check out here btw ) I made him a gif of the pose to use for his stream. So yea that is what I’m doing. But please keep sending me these lol.


Oh Hi Keith good see ya again

that’s neat, but why is this in general discussion about KI? XD

Oh shoot, can a mod put this in off topic?


Good to see ya again Keith : >

You can actually relocate your own threads, up top by the title there’s an edit option. :3



Nope, those are real life DEEETroit BASKETBALL gang signs. Keith representing the Low Upper Slightly to the Left West-most Section of the Eastern Market for all the lil’ chicklets!


That was oddly specific lol.

Just tryin’ to accurately represent the homies in their geography!

I don’t watch that anime. But I get it now. Lol

Hey, you should Killer Queen pose for next KI top 8 tournament. XD

It is a bit of a difficult one. But it would be great if someone could pull it off.


This. If i make it in top 8. I would do pose like this. But I’m very embarrassing… Lol

This should become an anime pose thread, LOL! That is amazing!

Ah, this makes more sense now. I just thought you were havin fun either way.

I would do this pose