Kan-Ra videos

You have some high level Kan-Ra footage? You want some good players analyse your gameplay? Post it here!

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Sleep’s comeback vs my god’s sabrewulf


Sleep vs Rico


Sleep vs LCD



BM Dactyl vs UA Bass (Spinal)


BM Dactyl vs Sniggled (Glacius); great comeback in the second game BTW.


BM Dactyl vs Amenty (ARIA)


S3 Kan-Ra videos are very rare. I will post a couple of matches vs Killers where I think I played pretty good. I hope you guys will add your stuff too.

Let’s learn from each other.

Here’s me playing an Omen player. I uploaded it because I was succesfully using swarms and shadow spike to create a wall.


Here is the archive of today’s Japanese tournament. One very good Kan Ra ended up taking 3rd place.
These are prelimenaries. He appears from the start of the vid. (Later he also appears in the final top 3 tournament but only on team spooky’s Twitch archive).

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Does anyone know of any videos with Balsamic SU [バルサミコ酢] aside from the KSB footage??? I really enjoyed watching his Kan-Ra.

Believe it or not, watching those matches gave me a better mindset in playing Kan-Ra, considering every match I’m in I feel like I have to go all out regardless of the MU.

Remind me to never play you; or rather just to leave when I see you :joy:

Who??? :confused:

The OP, his Kan-Ra flipouts… no thanks!

You do a spike ender, than cr.LP (flip out) xx clutch or xx swarm. Nothing fancy here.

Just exaggerating a bit but even then hardly any Kan-ras online so not so much experience against him.

I fought my way back to killer and I faced only 1 other Kan-Ra. He is definitely rare and that’s a big advantage for us. We are still getting away with murder because people just don’t know how to fight him.

I’m on, and there’s at least 4 other Kan players I know of… Hit me up for some matches whenever…

For sure, I just sent you a FR. I will be on tonight if you are up for it. Anytime after 7pm MST until I feel compelled to sleep.

I wanna see your matches!

I can do a lobby? Ill send you a FR too.

Can’t play right now. Just want to see some Ra S3 replays.

Not now, later on. But that works too.

I’ll be on later tonight. I think we as Kan-Ra players should start posting up really good matches… I’m not gonna lie, I hate Kan mirrors, lol…

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