Kan-Ra setups


Lol I will man.


I’d really love to make my Ra better! I’ve been struggling…keeping people off me and lots of combo breakers…if anyone is willing to show and/or teach me! :smiley:

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Just uploaded another idea video. I’ll link it here in a moment.

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I really miss Kan-Ra… This thread make me want to main him again. lol


That cr.HK linker, whirl ender, dash crossup is nice.

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Just landed the following sequence in a match

Go from here:
Swarm ender, clutch, move forward, l.spike (swarm hits),

Than loop the following sequence:
Cr.HK xx m.swarm, wait a bit, dash (swarm hits crossup) air l.swarm, Cr.HP xx l.spike (swarm hits)

I did this loop twice and than
Cr.HK xx whirl, auto double, shadow clutch.

All this did 80% damage.
You can do as many loops as you want to get even more damage. I think they are pretty safe to do also.
You can also skip the cr.HP and just do the l.spike. This will make the loop less breakable but also do less damage.
Sooner or later they will start to break the cr.HK, but this when you start with doing whirls to recap or cr.LP flip out shenanigans.

Saw you doing an air swarm during the dash jump in your videos. This made the loop possible. Good work!

Kan-Ra is soooo scary

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That stuff DOES hit hard! Nice having an unbreakable shadow linker lol. Nice find![quote=“MathAmphetameme, post:133, topic:772, full:true”]
I do know that a good little string in the corner is.
Hit confirm->ShadowSpike->c.HK->Whirl->Ender


Credit to @ItzTymeToDul


Here’s the video i didn’t get to post yet, I’ll post 2 and 3 once my laptop battery gets fixed, it’s making my internet time suck.


So beautiful…


Love it.

All of Ra’s new stuff is so safe. He’s getting better and better.

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Ma soupe~


Man I really need to learn how to use the lab to find stuff. I have some tools available, but if I can just get all these resources and remember to repeat them in the matches.


In case you wanna land a counter hit:

j.HK, st.MK, st.LK xx l.whirl (tornado hits), back+MP, st.LK xx l.whirl.

That’s a pretty good block string. Tornado gives you enough frame advantage to make the back+MP counter hit light attacks.

EDIT: My previous posted block string was wrong. That’s the right one now.

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Fubuki’s unbreakable 55-56% dmg

corner only:
st.HK, clutch, antlion, shadow spike, cr.HK xx instinct, antlion, shadow clutch. 55%

48% dmg with clutch ender

Fubuki posted a video about it on twitter. He did cr.HK xx clutch as a starter to get the sand. The combo will do 56% that way.

The only breakable point in that combo would be the cr.HK, but that gets instinct cancelled making the sequence unbreakable. Sick!

here it is

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Might be pleasing for some of you to look at. I think there is something to be learned here like when I sacraficed and he was hit by the shadow spike. There’s probably more, I’m just lazy.


And how you might have noticed a mistake on my part. Like the point at 6 seconds, I should have used c.HK to get a hard knockdown. I’m sure you could also argue that was the correct move to make in that situation somehow.


While cr.HK xx whirl is a nice AA combo, cr.HK itself is a very bad AA.

cr.HK is not part of the special>Hard>Mid>Light system. Like Ra’s long range pokes it ignores the opponents hit boxes and only interacts with hurt boxes. That means that there are some jump in buttons cr.HK will never ever beat (e.g. Ra’s j.MP will always beat cr.HK)

So when in doubt, use down+back HP


But C.HP only hits like. Right next to the ground right? and hits low at that. I could be wrong though.


Sorry, you have to use down+back HP of course.

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