Kan-Ra S3 general discussion

[-] Jumping HP damage reduced by ~15%
[-] Spike Ender (Launcher) damage reduced by ~5%
[-] Swarm Ender (Special) damage reduced by ~10%
[-] Shadow Clutch damage reduced by ~25%
[-] It is no longer possible to attack on the way down after using Air Swarm.
[-] Shadow Swarm now starts with a breath attack,
just like the startup of normal Swarm. The projectile only spawns if you
miss the breath part of the attack. Getting the projectile out takes
much more time.
[-] Swarm and Shadow Swarm projectile damage reduced by ~55%
[-] Swarm hitbox size reduced by ~35%.
[-] Swarms hit 5 times instead of 6, slightly reducing the amount of time you have to setup/juggle.
[-] Swarm Breath blockstun re-tuned.
-Light Version is -3 on block (was +7) -Medium Version is -2 on block (was +3) -Heavy Version is -1 on block (was -3)
[-] Back+MP is now +1 on block instead of +6.
[-] Added more blockstop to Close Swarm Startup and Back+MP to make using a Shadow Counter against them a bit easier.
[-] The startup of Clutch has a more noticeable anticipation pose.
[-] Sacrifice deals 200% more actual damage to Kan-Ra (15 damage, up from 5). Potential damage inflicted is unchanged.
[-] It is no longer possible to Instinct Cancel the recovery of Sacrifice.
[+] Far crouching HP launches airborne opponents up higher.
[+] DF+LK and DF+MK Scorpion Strike attacks now properly count as projectiles, making them unbreakable.
[+] Crouching LP and Jumping LP cause Flipout.
[+] Juggle versions of Clutch (that used to cause 1 juggle hit but were pretty useless) now cause Flipout and recover much faster.
[+] Standing HK and Back+HP cause stagger and are extremely plus on hit, allowing for new opening, setup, and combo opportunities.
[+] Tornado projectile always launches opponents
toward Kan-Ra, and now does a little damage. It launches higher for a
juggle opportunity.
[+] New Ability: Monsoon! Hold the
button when using Whirl over a Sand Trap to keep spinning and release a
larger, more damaging Tornado projectile, which is unblockable at
maximum charge.
[+] Move re-tuned: Shadow Spike!
Shadow Spike now releases a single, multi hit spike under your opponent
instead of a series of Spikes. It then leaves an enhanced Shadow Sand Trap that attacks automatically with Scorpion Strikes every few seconds if an enemy is nearby.
-This automatic functionality stops if Kan-Ra gets hit, creates another puddle, or uses Sacrifice.

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The changes to swarm make him useless IMO.
light swarm now being negativ on block…what are you supposed to cancel your normals into now?

the new shadow spike is cool though

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My nerf I was talking about in my other thread was less significant than this one!

I think sleep will still find a way to dominate though.

Yes, by switching to Aria or Glacius for good.

Didn’t understand the shadow swarm change. Can I still move around after canceling a normal into it on block or hit?


-3 is still safe against everyone except Jago, Fulgore, and Aria.


Going from +7 to -1/2/3 is beyond huge. I admit the frame data of swarm (hard and mid version giving less frames than light) was stupid to begin with, but now this move is just terrible. Kan-Ra has no frame traps now. He needed to be positiv to make clutch a threat. No reason to not hold jump while being pressured by swarm.

Damn I wanna play him right now. Can someone test if st.lk xx l.swarm xx shadow spike is a safe block string?

I am still unsure if the changes to combo breakers are a good or bad thing for Kan-Ra.


Okay, I just saw Sleep playing.

Shadow swarm not letting you move freely on hit is a huge nerf IMO.
But shadow spike seems very good. Looks awesome. You don’t wanna get cornerd with that under you.

I honestly figured the damage nerf was going to happen. I didn’t expect the air swarm nerf to be that drastic.

Either way, with the changes made, Kan’s setups are going to change dramatically, especially with the shadow spike rework.

clutch, H.spike xx shadow swarm into follow up is gone too. Another big nerf.

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I feel like the Air Swarm Nerf went a little overboard. I can truly understand the damage nerfs…he needed them, but I fear that this will change his air tactics way too much. He’s limited in his options when you’re up close and personal on the ground, but before you could at least build a solid defense by going air born on an encroaching opponent. With the season 3 re-balance, if you pop out an air swarm, you’re taking a huge risk. With the minimal damage that swarms will now have, I don’t see it being worth the risk. The only way I’ll use it now is if I can hit confirm with a jumping MK. Not having access to Dune following an air swarm far outweighs the benefit of using it in my opinion. Of course I haven’t been able to test S3 Kan-Ra out yet for myself, so I’ll save my final judgement until then; but I know that this will change a fundamental aspect of my game-play with him.

I honestly thought that the air swarm nerf was the most necessary. Being able to jump back MK, air swarm, then HK was enough to lock your opponent down, get a swarm in the air, and get a trap on the field in one jump.

I think a worthy change might be to make it possible to do air swarms with a tiger knee motion (which has never been possible)


Also I was wondering something about the shadow sand trap for season 3. @TheKeits Is it possible to use the shadow sand trap as a normal sand trap? what I mean by this is can you do things like…
-Summoning scorpions and ant-lion with the normal commands (down forward kick)
-whirling over the tap for a tornado
-performing scarifice
-performing sand dashes and sand jumps

-Summoning scorpions and ant-lion with the normal commands (down forward kick)


-whirling over the tap for a tornado
-performing scarifice
-performing sand dashes and sand jumps


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Any word on that TK buffer for air scarabs?

I don’t mind not being able to attack after air swarm, but I wish we could at least do j.HK after air swarm.

That’s the dive, yes? That was the most problematic part of Kan’s aerial nonsense. Jump back+normal->scarab was never much of a problem - the issue was that stupid dive afterwards. Now I just got hit, Kan placed a scarab somewhere, AND he now has a super jump cocked and ready in case I tried to dash into him in the meantime. If I read the whole shebang maybe I could get into a range that would let me punish the dive kick on landing, but as often as not I’d be just a bit too slow and the sand wave would hit me instead.

Depending on how tall or fast your character is the situation could be more or less punishable, but overall Kan-Ra got way too much utility out of scarab into sand splash. For what it gave him, it was unreasonably hard for some characters to punish.

I mainly used that setup for the projectile aspect. I understand most people used it for creating a huge gap.

I figure while the opponent is trying to reach me, there will be more obstacles to deal with, and if by chance they’re in range I can rely on my command grab.

The setup is beatable with all characters though if their timing is good.

@TheKeits does this mean Sacrifice does 15% or 15 points (out of 360)?

more silent nerves:

after a swarm ender you were able to grab someone and ground bounce into the swarm. There was enough time to put a trap under it (spike) and recap in time with antlion vs most opponents. NO LONGER POSSIBLE

EDIT new (and old) way to recap:
After swarm ender, clutch and move forward, m.spike, whirl recap

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Kevbones10 thoughts on kan-ra.


EDIT: Just saying not my words. Someone else’s who can’t access the forum’s right now.

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