Kamen Rider themed character for KI

Seeing how KI has always had a good array of villains, what about a hero character who is full on Kamen Rider inspired?
Costume wise something like this is what I’d picture, his main costume being very detailed, almost cyber esc. Retro follows the classic Kamen Rider design, basically being a jumpsuit and helmet.

Default (Kamen Rider Itchigo: New)

Retro (Kamen Rider Itchigo: Classic)

Heck he could even have a transformation for his instinct mode (Like a rider’s powered up form) I’ll just say this, think of the dive kicks… Spinal only has 1, what if this guy had multiple?

Story wise, maybe a dude who finds a super suit from UltraTech, then dawns it as a superhero stopping rampant criminals, then hearing the rise of Gargos, joins forces with the main heroes to save his city, and lives across the world.

Stage, how about one of the rooftops in Kim Wu’s Chinatown Brawl? Or even a Tokyo neon rooftop level with Japanese monsters and robot statues in the background, heck a finisher for the stage could be a Godzilla like statue turns to the opponent and engulfs them in an atomic blast, completely vaporizing them.

Would this be too far fetched for KI, or would a character like this really mesh well with the whole retro to modern feel?


I prefer Kamen Rider Ryuki tbh. American audiences are used to it because of Dragon Knight and card based attacks would be really interesting in KI.

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What we really need is a Mumen Rider inspired character :wink:


I don’t think it’d be that out there for a concept, even if people haven’t watched that show, Power Rangers is a more common series in the US where 5 people in flashy suits go and fight crime, then fight in a giant robot. Kamen Rider is basically the same thing, minus the 4 people and the giant robot. Granted there was also Masked Rider that was released by Saban, thought that one was more obscure than Dragon Knight. (And it was pretty cheesy if I recall). Card mechanic would be interesting to see implemented (Especially if the UI was inspired by Clime Heroes), though how’d they’d fit with the character and story, maybe cyber cards that were also built by UltraTech??? Maybe an element theme where each card activates fire, ice, electricity, earth and air, which are modules built into the super suit? There could be a lot to work with seeing there’s literally over 60 different Riders they could play off off. Itchigo just seemed like a perfect base to start, since he was the original OG Rider.

I still need to watch that series…

but if they don’t base the character off Mumen, maybe accessory set of his armor? Probably titled “Justice Accessory Set”

Use Masked Rider and it would fail. I really want cards :smiley: Maybe go Decade and go nuts.

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A Kamen Rider isn’t a Kamen Rider unless he/she has over 25 different forms and transformations :laughing:

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This gives me an idea. What if accessories can have a slight ability change. Nothing gameplay but lets say fire effects for one set,water for another, and air for the last? Instinct is the typical transformation.

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Like a Helmet with Red Eyes, but then they glow to emerald when in Instinct Mode?

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Just from personal preference alone, I hate this character concept - I don’t think it meshes well with KI at all and is cheesy as all get out.

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But why? Cheese is good.

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Understandable, but considering Kim Wu’s taking an anime approach, maybe a more serious take on this character could probably work. Then again if you’d like a more darker Kamen Rider, they had a movie called “Shin Kamen Rider”, where the protagonist pulls a Sub Zero spine rip on one of the villains. Maybe not that over the top, but that’s something you gotta see to believe. Bloods not red, but that’s some pretty hardcore stuff to show your 9 year old…

I don’t know if it’s the same thing you guys are talking about, but a lot of this reminds me of Guyver - that might actually, work, I think. In any case, I think this would work best as a kind of full-body suit accessory set or outfit (with multiple accessory sets) for 1 of the characters - I think Kim Wu would be the best choice, IMO, for this.


But all Original Killer Instinct characters were built on Cheese. The Cheese of the 90’s if it wasn’t for 90’s cheese we wouldn’t have character’s like Saberwulf or Fulgore, If anything this fit a lot more then anything else.

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Oh, I know, believe me. However, I think there’s a certain level of cheese, and I think what I’m seeing above largely, to be blunt, goes too far.

Gyuver was kind of what I envisioned, but Id prefer an original character for this game’s story in all honesty. Not to say Gyuvers bad, far from it, just figured a new take in a new universe would be interesting to see, especially the kinds of mechanics they could work with.

What if we combined multiple concepts? it could be a parasitic life form that’s incredibly ancient and bonds with a host as an insect-like suit that gives them extraordinary abilities.

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Kinda like blue beetle’s scarab from DC? I like it.

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Like say the lifeform was a test subject from UltraTech, managed to break free, then found the dude who will be the new host? That could be a interesting take.

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If this idea ever takes off for Season 4, I might legitimately soil myself from excitement.