Justice League movie

Just saw the new trailer yesterday and it was epic! Anyone else hyped? Please don’t turn this into a Marvel vs DC thread, we can all enjoy both brands of movies! Aquaman, once the joke if DC comics, seems to be teally badass. Share your thoughts people

Honestly the only interest I have in this movie is the fact that Wonder Woman will be in it. :slight_smile: I do remember going “that’s Aquaman?” in my head when I saw the trailer though. lol

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I will say this:

It looked like it would be an enjoyable movie.
Good exactly, that’s hard to say. We’ll have to see how many cringe-worthy plot holes the movie has (Martha anyone?). But the trailer makes it look…fun.


DC hasn’t given me the confidence to get hyped for their movies yet.

Not a believer in DC cinematic universe just yet. Loved Man of Steel, absolutely despised Batman v Superman.

Wonder Woman looks like it’ll be good though, and hopefully Justice League can get it right as well. I’d like them both to be good movies.

The DCU is still 0/3 for me. Man of Steel bored me to death and wasn’t really of much use to evolving Superman as a character. BvS was a huge clusterf*** of characters and plot points all trying to be jammed into one movie (seriously, Superman has no reason to hate Batman). And if Suicide Squad wasn’t making any sense, it was making me confused with its terrible editing and boring me with its hollow fight scenes. There was hardly any reason to care for half of the characters in that movie.

With Justice League’s trailer and Wonder Woman on the horizon, the future looks promising, but I’m still extremely skeptical.

There was one thing I liked about BvS, and that was Batflek. I really liked his version of Batman. But the story they gave him to work with was pretty lousy. But that Batman…the style, the gadgets, the way he was laid out, it was a good interpretation of Batman. Of course I know this is subjective.

Ben Affleck did fine in the role (which I actually called way ahead of time), but their take on Batman reaaally rubbed me the wrong way. Batman offing fools with that kind of abandon might as well be the punisher. Seriously - what’s the point of fighting people with his fists and gadgets at all if he has no compunction about killing? Seems to me they got a core pillar of the character wrong, and that really bugged me.

Add to that humorless and overly bleak Superman (another miss on a foundational character trait), an interesting subplot that went nowhere, and some monster pacing issues, and BvS just…really wasn’t a good movie. Like, at al :unamused:

Or better yet, why is the joker still alive in this universe?

Ok, yeah, that part I agree they screwed up. But everything aside from that.

I agree, MOS was my 2nd favorite movie of all time! Favorite was the Matrix. BvS would’ve been better if they let Superman be more optimistic and talkative. Way too much plpt5for one movie. But I still enjoyed it

They absolutely killed of superman way too early. He should have died to darkseid instead of a bad interpretation of doomsday. Now when superman comes back( because we all know he will) the dude he is fighting will have no tension because they wouldn’t kill him him twice. And that idea really kills the enthusiasm I would have had for this movie.

Now the only thing that holds my attention is batfleck and this new version of aqua man…and I guess cyborg for nostalgia reason. Heh I wonder if they would sneak in a Booyah! Line for cyborg in the film lol

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It seems like they’re going to add a little more fun into these movies, though I’m afraid that all the good lines could be wasted in the trailer. I’m interested but definitely not going in with high hopes after BvS and Suicide Squad.

I’m not the biggest DC fan but the movie looks cool heck I would watch it to see if its good.

Oh, I’ll definitely watch it. Just hoping it’s a good movie, but not really banking on it.

And I actually liked Suicide Squad. There’s something to be said for a move that knows what it is. Part of BvS’s problem was that it was trying deathly hard to be soooo serious, but the thousand plot holes and poor pacing just made it fail on all those levels. At least Suicide Squad had fun with its premise.

:joy::joy::joy::joy: different strokes for different folks.

That one was also too somber for its own good, but I loved that it was finally a Superman movie that showed just how powerful he is. Superman isn’t just some weakling boyscout in blue spandex - he’s basically a demigod, and whatever its other flaws, MoS got that right.

Plus, I didn’t mind him killing Zod. Supes actually has killed a few times in the comics - he doesn’t like to (and rarely needs to), but he’ll do it if it has to be done. Breaking that isn’t as antithetical to who he is as a character as, say, Batman mowing down thugs from the batwing.

My favorite villain is doomsday.

Never saw BVS…is he cool in that movie or…will I be disappointed?

No. He isn’t particularly cool in that movie.


Profound sadness.