Justice League movie

Yeah, he starts off looking kinda like a humanoid version of that monster from Cloverfield and throughout the fight he slowly starts to have the rocky protusions he’s known for, but it never goes far enough.


Does he die?

Spoiler warning:


But does he come back?

(Because apparently he can come back to life. Immune to what killed him beforehand.)

We don’t know. This isn’t “doomsday” Doomsday.

BVS doomsday is a creature made from the body of the now dead general Zod so…shrug??



I would never expect Doomsday’s “can’t kill me twice the same way” schtick to make it into a live action movie universe. It’s weird, complicated in an unintuitive way, and makes it so that the main villain isn’t ever “really” defeated. Just easier to not deal with that aspect of the character (which was kinda added after the fact anyway).

Well when you say it like that…

Yeah I guess you’re right.

Heeeeehey, nice to find someone else who enjoyed MoS enough to love it. Sure there were some issues with the character development, at least with Lois, though the premise and direction was really great. I like the ol’ fashioned boy scout Supes, I do. But, I also appreciate how grounded and real this story felt. Quite frankly I think the edgy approach of making him evil never made him appealing (like the route they took in Injustice).

What made this movie is that he is human, maybe not so much physically but in his core, Supes is human and only wants to belong and protect those he grew up with. It’s grounded and focuses on the raw emotions of someone who carries a huge burden of being the protector no one asked for. He isn’t super boy scout like the older adaptations, but still maintains his good natured ways in a more modern approach.

People may have hated that he killed Zod, which somewhat tailors to the animated series when Supes kills Lex. But, the approach has always been either or, which blurred out any psychological conditioning that Supes could have ever encountered in the past. It made him look like a spoiled child. When he killed Zod, he accepted his fate as a human, that if he would protect his people, he needed to be strong, not necessarily “let go” of his innocence.

Never much liked the idea that if Supes killed someone, he immediately loses his way. I’m sure it would be devastating, but it shouldn’t mean he no longer values life and will kill anyone without hesitation. That theme in portraying Supes has always seemed silly to me.

I went on too long, but I’m glad someone else enjoyed it. :grinning:

i dont like evil superman as much as the next guy but at the very least in injustice the reason is more than just killing a guy. he killed joker for killing both louis and his unborn kid. but he turned to the dark side when he realized that if batman had killed him a long time ago then many people would still be alive. its this frustration of the consiquences of keeping a big bad guys like joker alive that makes superman snap

Yeah, the plot made sense in that regard. It wasn’t as silly as the animated series, that much I respect. Though, it just never sat well with me, that in-turn, he killed more good people than he may have saved. By doing so he created himself as the monster he intended to stop. I would have assumed that he would have understood that by the end of the first Injustice. But, the plot seems to be Supergirl defending the symbol of Hope even if it means forcing Supes to see his ways.

This may very well be great story-telling, as it delves into real psychological disorders, its actually makes me think of Hitler, as crazy as that sounds as the whole idea of his intentions was for the “greater good,” similar to Supes and even General Zod. I’m going on a tangent here, but it can either be great story-telling like I mentioned, and it very much seems so. Or it could be lazy writing as the writers simply felt they needed to force an edgy Supes to try to surprise and change the norm like with the likes of Liu Kang.

Either way, it just never settled with me. I like Supes to much to see him as the villain, though seeing Supergirl take the spotlight for once is quite nice.

Sorry for derailing the thread. I am looking forward to Justice League, but I am afraid that the producers are too stuck in their ways to change several glaring issues like it was with the poor casting and pacing issues in BvS. I hope they took that movie to heart so that they prevent from glorifying the movie with too much “Hollywood.”

So apparently the Snyder cut will be released March 18th and will be 4 hours long, for those of you that are interested.