Just my opinion...!

Hello guys, im a ki fanatic, and i just love the passion of the fans here.

What made ki so special? Why people got xboxone consoles just to play this game?

-Because the developers listened to their fans.

S1 and s2 was like that, developers and fans together.

People always complain of some details that they didnt like, this is a normal thing.

But, as i can see here nowdays, season 3 is one step in the wrong direction.

Why people love ki? They love the graphics, the shadow effects, the terrific sound effects, musical ultra. Details are important.
Do not change effects, add effects.

We love ki? Yes. We love eyedol? YES.
We love ultimates? YES

Dont make the game lose personality in every season. People are here today because of what ki was.

Add, do not remove.
Put the entire ki cast, does not make sense one char missing.
Listen to your fans.

The negativity about s3 is real, think about it.

We waited many years for that game, please guys…

From a loyal ki fan!

(Sorry my poor english)


Your english is actually good, i also want EYEDOL badly…the devs have removed stages. listen to the voice of the people, do not remove anything, add add add !


Yeah mate! :slight_smile:

Nothing has been removed, there are just less new stages added.

Just that right? Lets see the price then.
And they keep removing effects and chars tools.

Thrill to play > competitive scene.

Im a pro player, but if they start to focus on hardcore only, it will end like sfv. A flop.

(im a pro fg player, but a game need to be fun in the first place)

Pro player? Who is your sponsor? What tournaments have you placed at?

They haven’t removed effects, they’ve CHANGED them and likewise, character tools have been altered since season one, think of how different Fulgore plays now.

I don’t get what price has to do with it, right now we don’t OFFICIALLY know where the stage budget has been placed but its safe to say new modes etc. That adds VALUE to the game. Even if its the same price, I’d actually take modes over stages at this point as we have a LOT already.

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No we don’t have a lot.
We have less.At least in s3.

Guys with your mind that are destroying the games industry nowdays.

Im a pro player, and a developer also.

Dont make me tell more, cose i wont.

How does adding 3 stages make less?

You are clearly not a pro player and I doubt you’re a dev given you don’t actually understand how making a game involves trade offs due to time and budget restraints.

I don’t get how understanding budgeting a game would make me someone destroying the industry. I seem to have a better understanding of finance and time allowance than you and you’re a “developer”.


we love ultimates? YES!
we love no mercys? YES!
we love eyedol? NO! maybe a few guys love him but in my opinion eyedol is the worst character in KI historie


Yeah, im nothing.

I just gave my opinion, i have nothing more to say.

We dont even know if we are getting Eyedoll this season yet. Or maybe they will do a (smaller) season 4 with a kind of fallout scenario after Gargos is defeated and Eyedoll seaks to take advantage. Only the devs know whats going to happen so please dont state things as truth untill confirmed.

We are getting less stages as the previous seasons, yes, but we arent losing any (for that to happen exsisting stages would have to be removed). Nor are we most likely getting less content, just different content.

No mercy’s and Ultimates… To be honest, I cant really remember much about them from killer instinct gold back in the day…so I dont miss them, but I can understand other ppl wanting them,…however, when I look at shago, his ultimate is also a gameplaychange, not one I necessarily want…who knows what it will do to the balance…

I didnt say the “truth” about the s3, i don’t know if we will get eyedol.
Was just a opinion for them to keep listening to their fans.

Yeah my bad (English is not my native language).
I meant it more like, people are already assuming no Eyedoll, as if its already confirmed that he’s not in or never will be, and thus complaining about things that might not be. Your post actually didnt do that, so no hard feelings? :sweat_smile:

A lot of people do though and I feel they might better use a wait and see approach before making assumptions. Its a passion thing though, so I get it…

Lets keep this simple:


no more new stages AWFUL imo
no Eyedoll
no ultimates
New purple shadows (unfinished)


Guests so far are amazingly well done.
season 3 and we are still seeing new varients of fighting styles
new character moves and balances are AWSOME
New lighting is fantasic
Stagger and more juggles
PC version for everyone to play

#How we can make it ALL GOOD

DLC Eyedoll
DLC Packs of ultimtes
DLC Classic backgrounds
Polish up the Shadow effect.

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What gameplay changes does Shago’s Ultimate make…
It’s just like an ultra… you can just only do it if you’re still on your first lifebar

People already thinking in spend more money with dlc’s…

Man, i dont understand that conformism.

Let me keep the things simple;

S3 = marketing for ms. Marketing to sell other games franchises.

Win 10 + ki/xbox + pc = s3 marketing tool. No love involved. We want new chars and old chars. Guest is a plus, not a feature.

Thats why its a step in the wrong direction.

Before, ki was about passion from developers and fans.

Now its far from that.

As a fan its hard to say that, but the s3 already born damaged. Its not only me, look the bad feedback.

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Eyedol was one of the best things about KI Classic

That’s like if Shao Kahn, M.Bison, Gill or Ogre were removed in their games if there was a reboot!

We need Eyedol he is the definition of a Classic Boss (Cheap, Powerful, iconic design, hard as hell to beat)


But if you are going for that version he will not be suited as a playable character.

I dont know…the developers still seem really passionate about their game. As are the people on this forum…so I dont really know what you are getting at…

Also, a lot of people with passionate feelings towards the Arbiter and Rash are joining the game aswell, they might carry that passion over to KI.

No he can be balanced we don’t need boss version

I just like old cheap bosses and who are normalised when playable like Eyedol. M.Bison and Ogre

Cheap as Bosses
Normal when playable

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