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I Think This Would Be A Pretty Dope Character Select Screen.

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IMO, That would require wayyyyy to much scrolling and confuse players as to whether they’re on the top or bottom row. Some things are just better left in the past.

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You’re Probably Right. I Just Think It Looks Cool. I Feel Where You’re Coming From Though.

I would say take out the scrolling bars at the top and bottom (as has been said), put three rows of nine on the bottom third and use everything else you have there for the top two thirds and that would be GODLIKE.

Love the lighting on the characters, the movement, the logo and the sparks flying, the color… It’s all very nice looking. Only thing I’d worry about are characters looking a little too much like their art version and not enough like their actual version (like Sabrewulf up there, for example).

I feel like that particular technique flew just fine in the 90’s and maybe part of the last decade, but I’d probably strive for more accuracy with the character models and just light them differently (like how they’re lit above). Jago and Orchid look great though.

Man, that’d look awesome. I’m really curious to see how IG does season 3’s select screen and Vs screen. It’s the only thing I’m actually kinda worried about and think I could be disappointed by, as I have full faith in their character designs, background designs, and the actual gameplay.

I really hope they get this right! :slightly_smiling:

Wow! Very nice! Not bad at all too! :grinning:

well not if they added a command with LT/RT to scroll 3-5 characters up or down. If it were the case of scrolling select screen, I’d want the scroll midscreen with enough tiles to show 5 or 7 characters and fade to the next character at the ends of it. Would make a decent option IMO.
BUT they are not going to use the scrolling idea from what I’ve been reading and hearing. I’m still excited to see it, KIWC being billed as having the first playable build of S3 means we should find out then, though it could change between now and release.

It definitely LOOKS cool, no doubt. I just think it would be too hard to scroll through 24-27 characters.