Just a rant about KI and things in the future

Before I start these are my opinions. Ok so let me start off with what I believe ki needs. I believe ki needs a season 4 or a new game and a brand new rework of the like they did for season 3. I firmly believe ki is going downhill for me and other players because of the community of players online only sticking to spammable characters and high tier list characters to win and never leaving their comfort zone. This along side with everyone complaining shut glacius’s damage needs a rework or the game is going further abd further down. Blue lets talk about eagle. Cool character kinda expected that tbh, and interesting design. Now my biggest fear is what this means fir ki and e3. Because I swear if they lose a golden opportunity at e3 to merely show a character trailer like they did last year for general Rahm. I’m going to be very very very disappointed. And if they do it goes to show that they aren’t planning a season 4 or a new game. Which would really suck. But to miss a golden opportunity on this would be the biggest mess up for iron galaxy. But what they need is a rework and a new season to bring new players in abd have old players learn something new. Now lastly abd this is a bit off topic but. WOW fightstick controls suck for me and take alot to b get used to. Making quarter circle motions is to slow for me to do anything. Of course it might have just been me using the controller for 2 years that makes it very very hard. But yea that’s the end of my rant thanks for reading


Shocked you forgot the absolute overabundance of Spinals and Sakos EVERYWHERE. That, and matching up vs. the same dood more than twice. I fought one lagswitching Thunder a good 11 times in a row.

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Out of curiosity, who are the spammable and high-tier characters that you feel are being overrepresented in the online player base?


I disagree with the rework for one reason. What’s to say we won’t be here 1 year from now saying “eh, S3 had it’s problems but they were downright angelic compared to xyz now.”


There’s certainly a learning curve when it comes to learning how to play with a fightstick. Especially when you have 2 years of muscle memory with your controller, it’s difficult to want to stick with learning the fightstick when you miss so many more inputs with it while you’re learning.

I’ve use controller, hitbox and fighstick. For me when it comes to input precision nothing beats the hitbox, but I enjoy the feel of the fightstick more. What I recommend to you is to warm up before you go online while you’re still learning the fightstick. What I would do is throw 10 fireballs to the right, 10 to the left, then the same with DPs left and right. And if I missed one in one direction I’d start over until I hit 10 in a row of that input. What you’re trying to do is establish some new muscle memory for your inputs.

There’s no such thing as spamming in fighting games. Only people who don’t know how to get around it.


A rework of the what, exactly?

Given that the numbers keep going up, why not maybe consider speaking for yourself? If you have the opinion that you don’t like the game as much as you used to or you think it’s going downhill, that’s fine. No problem. No need to put other people’s opinion behind yours as a reason for why they should listen to you. You’re a fan and you deserve to be listened to.

I haven’t noticed this at all. Who are the spammable and high tier list characters to you? I play Sadira, who’s one of the lower tier characters, but that’s just me. :slight_smile:

As much as I’d love to see Season 4 announced, Rukari has already stated in no uncertain terms that this is not going to happen, which is actually nice, as it helps keep our expectations in check. Now, he said he’s going to E3 still, but my guess (and it’s just that, a guess), is that he’s there for Crackdown 3.

In fact, if his tweets are anything to go off of (and they should be), anything Eagle-related will be happening independently of E3, so I might not be expecting the Eagle trailer either, if I were you. Maybe we’ll get some KI news. I really hope we do!! But maybe go in with the idea we definitely won’t and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Well, this is probably more MS’ decision than Iron Galaxy’s. Besides, Iron Galaxy will likely be showing their new game Extinction at E3, I’d think.

Can you clarify what you mean by “rework?” Do you mean a rebalance, like Iron Galaxy did prior to season 2 and season 3? I’d like to see that as well as a 4th season. Give all the characters some new toys to play with, help the weaker characters a bit and close those already minute gaps in the tier list even more. I think that’d be fun.


Can’t say I’ve run into anything like this at all during my hundreds of hours in Season 3 Ranked Matches.

Yup. If developers didn’t want you to do that same move over and over then they would’ve put a time limit between each time you repetitively do that move.

If the devs didn’t want you fighting the same cheatin dood ten times in a row I figured they would have implemented a system to counteract that. Did they? No.

There is a system against cheaters. Over the course of the game you’ve had tyre jail system, the disconnect penalties, probation system, and they’ve straight up banned people they’ve caught cheating.

You, the community, nor the developers can control this. People play the characters they want to play because they want to, or some other variable reason.

We cannot expect to read your mind to know who the characters you consider as “spammable” are. Provide some context.


And let’s not forget how I was Killer Tier at 11pm yesterday. I play at 1:30 this afternoon I have to redo Qualifiers vs. 10 smurfing Spinals.

I had to stop reading after spammable high tiers.

A. If you can’t get around it that’s a personal issue with your own skill level

B. Most of the game’s top tiers aren’t actually that widely used.

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Paragraphs. They are important. Use them.


Game randomly takes away my Killer Rank and then I have to fight through the woodwork. Yay.

If you didn’t played ranked during the last month, you are deranked to Gold.

Otherwise, is a bug and you should report it

Nope, I’ve had to spend the last 2 1/2 weeks trying to get my rightful Killer Rank back.