John constantine "hellblazer"

ok, i think John Constantine would be a HUGE addition to the Killer Instinct roster… with gargos and omen, it totally works conceptually… not to mention, if you were somehow able to bring in Keanu Reeves himself to do imaging and voicing… i really think this could cause a lot of excitement within Iron Galaxy, Microsoft and definately the fan base, judging by the :heart: 's. of the idea of KEANU REEVES HIMSELF IN KILLER INSTINCT!!! IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD!!!

Yeah, never going to happen.
First of all, hiring someone like Keanu Reeves would be wildly expensive, and I doubt Microsoft would put that amount of money just into one character for a game that is already lacking support and has done so since day 1.

Second, Constantine is a DCU character owned by Warner Bros, a competing company who are already having their own fighting games, one actually based on the DCU (Injustice series). If Constantine would ever be in a fighting game, it would be that.

That said though, it doesn’t mean that Killer Instinct can’t have a their own original character inspired by Constantine. However, it won’t be actual Constantine.


Constantine is a cool character, so a character LIKE him would be cool to see in KI though. We already have a sorcerer character though in Kan-Ra, but a more modern take on an exorsist/spellcaster character would be neat. And he could wear a cool trenchcoat, have inscripted magical tattoos and a lot of magic reagents like vials of holy water etc.


Iron Galaxy should look into buying CONSTANTINE… DC never uses him anyways… he is with the wrong crowd… killer instinct fits PERFECTLY!! theres support out there for him i assure you

they made 50,000 off of kilgore’s community funds… i bet they could easily get over 100,000 or more off it… say you offer 30,000 to be able to put him in the game… offer reeves 30,000 to 50,000 to use his likeness and voice… that’s 40,000 to 20,000 profit… this is a rough draft, i have no idea what it would cost for any of that really… that would be AWESOME, if thats all it took though…

Are you just pulling numbers out of the air?

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He was used in Injustice, not in a playable way but he’s part of the story. I highly doubt DC would hand over a character to a rival fighting game. IG could, however, take their own spin on a John Constantine character, add them to the lore. Maybe a Disavowed member, maybe a female from The Coven. Could be fun.


I’d definitely be interested in a KI character like this, and I think it’s the only way a Constantine type character appears in this game.

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John Constantine should NEVER being in a fighting game. The film makes a terrible job explaining the character.

Constantine doesn’t use guns, he doesn’t “fight”. Constantine is more a cerebral guy which works plotting and thinking.

It’s like calling Sherlock Holmes for a perfect Fighting game character.

Hence why I suggested to have a character LIKE him created for the KI universe who IS a great fighter as well.

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He could have similar features (smoking, magic adept, etc), but Constantine always avoided direct confrontation with his enemies, using manipulation and dirty playing instead.

And that’s one of his most remarked characteristics. Constantine should never be a fg character, and if there is a character who is based on Constantine, without his " avoid direct confrontation" politic,it would be more similar to other fictional characters

What I’m saying is that making a char who is a good fighter with other Constantine skills, would be simimar to making a character similar to Ghandi which is a good fighter: it would have similitudes at superficial level, but it’s the opposite in its core

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yes lol… complete BS numbers… but dream worthy :laughing::+1:

the whole thing boils down to weaponry… swords and guns are already in the fold, FLAME THROWERS (besides cinders) holy water, and brass knuckles (combo skin) arent… neither is a BO STAFF… HOW ABOUT NEO FROM THE MATRIX AND A STAFF!??
REEVES has to play the role though… thats the catch…

HELL YEAH!!! you know whats up… dude will sell… even if you cant use constantine, still have reeves play the character, thats what will put KI over the top…

im not talking buying him outright, but just buying enough of a share to be able to use him, and his toys in the game… and picture this… his stage would be hell… like they portray it on the movie!

maybe you missed the part where he blows a bunch of half breeds away with a shotgun and golden bullets towards the end of the movie… dude can fight… maybe not so much hand to hand, but besides combo and wulf, nobody in the game fights hand to hand… CONSTANTINE WORKS, im tellin’ ya

oh but kilgore’s community fundraiser numbers are legit


Don’t double posting please. Did you know you can reply them in ONE post?

That movie doesn’t do justice to the character

Is an awful adaptation from an incredible character

KevBones10 no i didnt know that… first time user, still getting the feel for it… i have no clue how to operate these boards